Mikel Arteta Rolls Out Arsene Wenger’s Comeback Discourse to Arsenal

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“Old romance…”

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NBCNEWS – The name Arsene Wenger must be familiar in the minds of football lovers. Especially if we mention Arsenal. How not, the French tactician has been in charge of the Gunners since 1996-2018 aka for 22 years. Not a short time to understand the ins and outs of a club full of glorious history.

And the good news, Arsene Wenger is preparing to return to the Emirates Stadium. How could that happen?

According to a report from The Sun, the current Arsenal coach, Mikel Arteta, wants to bring Wenger back to Arsenal. In fact, Arteta has met Wenger directly and talked 4 eyes, where in more detail the initial conversation was carried out by Arteta while watching the film ‘Arsene Wenger: Invincible’.

“There has been communication. I talked to him when we went to see a movie, it was great to see and chat with him. Hopefully we can make it happen,” said Arteta at a press conference ahead of the game against Newcastle United.

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“I think he’ll have fun seeing the environment he can create while he’s here. Especially with the respect, admiration and love that everyone at the club has for what he has done.”

Arsenal itself so far this season is still perched in the 5th standings with the achievement of 20 points.

Arteta did not hesitate to say that he needed Arsene Wenger’s role to lead Arsenal to a better direction. However, the Spanish coach himself did not want to explain further what role The Professor would play later.

“I can’t tell you right now, but all I can say is, I want him to be closer, personally, to me. I think it will be better, it will help a lot, it will help the club a lot,” said Arteta.

“Everything takes time and I think he has to set the timing right. What I can say is, on behalf of everyone, we would love to have him closer.”

Apart from the planned return of Arsene Wenger to Arsenal, the 72-year-old himself is currently assuming other responsibilities at FIFA, where Wenger has been assigned as FIFA Development Director since last November 2019.

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