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Bali United successfully won 1-0 over Persija Jakarta in the 13th week of Liga 1 which took place at the Manahan Stadium, Solo, Central Java, Thursday (25/11/2021).

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Bali United’s only goal was scored by Ilija Spasojevic (25th minute).

When the match whistle blew, both teams tried to dominate the game.

Persija Jakarta opened up opportunities in the fifth minute through collaboration between Riko Simanjuntak and Marco Motta.

Marco Motta who received Riko Simanjuntak’s pass finished with a kick, but the ball was still weak and easily anticipated by Nadeo Argawinata.

Entering the 11th minute, Eber Bessa sent a pass to Melvin Platje who was freed in the penalty box.

Luckily, Melvin Platje’s flick could be driven away by Andritany who.

Only in the 25th minute, a goal from Bali United was born through Ilija Spasojevic.

Illja Spasojevic’s header in the penalty box after Ricky Fajrin’s pass successfully rattled Persija Jakarta’s goal net. The score becomes 0-1.

Winning 0-1 did not make Bali United lower the pressure on the opposing defense.

Entering the 34th minute, Stefano Lilipaly who was in the penalty box was served by a mature pass by Andhika Wijaya.

However, Stefano Lilipaly’s shot was still thin over the bar.

Until halftime, the score was 0-1 for Bali United’s advantage.

The second half had only been running for four minutes, Fadil Sausu who had a cedrce had to be replaced by Rizky Pellu.

In the 51st minute, Andritany Ardhiyasa came out of his nest to block a breakthrough ball sent by Rizky Pellu.

Andritany Ardhiyasa even boldly outwit Stefano Lilipaly.

Seven minutes later, Melvin Platje’s header did not bear fruit after receiving a pass from Stefano Lilipaly, the ball was still thin over the bar.

Entering the 86th minute, Eber Bessa gave a pass to Stefano Lilipaly who was in the penalty box.

However, Lilipaly’s flick was not right towards the goal.

In the 88th minute, Marko Simic failed to maximize feedback from Novri Setiawan.

Persija Jakarta was awarded a penalty kick after Doni Tri Pamungkas was violated by Dias Angga in the 90th minute.

Marko Simic who became the executor failed to execute the penalty kick, the ball was pushed over by Nadeo Argawinata.

Until the game ended, the advantage was 0-1 for Bali United.

Persija Jakarta vs Bali United line-up:

Persija Jakarta (4-3-3): 26-Andritany Ardhiyasa; 56-Maman Abdurahman, 6-Tony Sucipto, 47-Marco Motta, 4-Yan Motta (2-Rio Fahmi, 84′), 32-Rohit Chand (81-Dwiki Arya, 74′), 25-Riko Simanjuntak, 11- Novri Setiawan, 46-Osvaldo Haay (77-Doni Tri Pamungkas, 74′), 19-Braif Fatari, 9-Marko Simic.

Subs: 7-Ramdani Lestaluhu, 29-Adixi Lenzivio, 94-Imam Pathuroman, 77-Doni Tri Pamungkas, 2-Rio Fahmi, 28-Rezaldi Hehanusa, 81-Dwiki Arya, 78-Hadi Ardiansyah, 89-Taufik Hidayat, 15- Salman Alfarid.

Coach: Angelo Alessio.

Bali United (4-3-3): 1-Nadeo Argawinata; 32-Leonard Tupamahu (5-Haudi Abdilah, 77′), 24-Ricky Fajrin, 33-I Made Wijaya (22-Dias Angga, 77′), 43-Willian Pacheco, 14-Fadil Sausu (19-Rizky Pellu, 48 ), 27-Eber Bessa, 6-Brwa Nouri, 10-Stefano Lilipaly, 9-Ilija Spasojevic (20-Lerby, 73′), 7-Melvin Platje.

Subs: 16-Hariono, 85-Michael Orah, 91-M Rahmat, 22-Dias Angga, 19-Rizky Pellu, 5-Haudi Abdillah, 16-Gavin Kwan, 17-Sidik Saimima, 29-Samuel Reimas, 20-Lerby Eliandry .

Coach: Stefano Cugurra.

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