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Cannabis or marijuana is a psychotropic substance containing tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol, which makes the user experience euphoria. This plant is processed into a mixture of cigarettes, food, and is also needed for medical purposes. Excessive marijuana use can cause hallucinations. Cannabis users in Indonesia and several other countries are involved in using illegal drugs and can be criminally charged.

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However, in one of the provinces in South Korea, to be precise, Gyeongbuk, marijuana is one of the cultivated plants. Gyeongbuk is the only marijuana legal zone. However, this marijuana is for specific purposes and is not traded to just anyone. In order not to be curious, see in the review below yes!

Strict regulations in South Korea regarding marijuana use

Like most other East Asian countries, South Korea is one of the countries that is very strict when it comes to marijuana use. A person who uses marijuana or distributes marijuana can be punished by up to five years in prison.

Medical marijuana is legal in South Korea [sumber gambar]

However, in 2018, the law regarding marijuana was changed. Cannabis used for medical purposes is legalized. Gyeongbuk Province is a cannabis-free zone. The province allows licensed farmers to grow cannabis as an export commodity and medicinal plant.

The interest of young people to cultivate marijuana

Because of this, it is not surprising that many young people are interested in becoming cannabis farmers. One of them is Kim Soo-bin, who started a startup Imagination Garden in the Andong zone. Kim’s medical marijuana cultivation uses smart technology, resulting in a quality crop. In cultivating the medical marijuana, Kim grows his marijuana on shelves that are arranged vertically (tiered) using artificial light.

Cannabis cultivation in Gyeongbuk [sumber gambar]

By cultivating cannabis using this indoor farming technology, it is possible to produce cannabis all year round. Kim and his team are also developing technology to make marijuana grow shorter. Hemp is also planted indoors, so pollen easily disperses in the wind and can be accidentally pollinated.

People’s views on people who cultivate marijuana

Even though the government has legalized it through law, Kim admits that there are still many people who fail to understand the business he is doing. In South Korea, there are still many who associate marijuana with drugs. So Kim himself is often said to be an ‘addict’. He realized that these people still lacked knowledge.

Marijuana cultivation in the Imagination Garden [sumber gambar]

It also made him say that there is still a very long way to go in understanding the community about medical marijuana. That marijuana that is cultivated has a different content with marijuana which can be addictive. The use of marijuana is also not arbitrary. The government provides special restrictions and rules, for patients medical marijuana is used in small doses. In addition, patients must also get approval from doctors in hospitals which are very limited in number.

Legalized marijuana is medical marijuana

Yep, this legalized marijuana is marijuana that is specifically used for medical purposes, yes, Boombastis Friends. Many countries other than South Korea have legalized the cultivation of this type of cannabis, such as Canada, Uruguay, Sri Lanka, Israel, and even Turkey. Then what is the difference between prohibited marijuana leaves and medical marijuana?

Indoor cultivation [sumber gambar]

It turns out that the chemical content in it is different. Medicinal marijuana contains a strain of CBD that can reduce anxiety, inflammation and pain, as well as kill cancer cells and slow tumor growth. While non-medical marijuana leaves contain THC or tetrahydrocannabinol which can create excessive euphoria. Plus, users will be addicted and dependent.

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Well, Boombastis Friends, from the explanation above, the marijuana in question is a marijuana plant that contains CBD, yes, not THC which can cause hallucinations and make users addicted to addiction.

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