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Your eyes (or your glasses, if you’re a glasses wearer) are the first thing that people see when they look at you. Wearing prescription glasses and coping with them on a daily basis isn’t easy, right? Especially if they aren’t comfortable. So it is wise to choose glasses frames which aren’t only stylish but should be comfy too.

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Prescription Glasses Style

Here we have compiled the list of the latest prescription glasses frame style that will be suitable for your style. With that said, let’s get started! 

Cat-Eye Glasses

Cat-eye glasses frames are counted as the trendiest glasses for girls as well as women right now. These glasses frames are the fit for rounded-faced guys. However, there is diversity in the designs and colors of these glasses and these glasses look good on almost everyone. If you want a change look, you can go for the cat-eye glasses frames! 

Feather-Light Glasses

Looking for the most comfortable prescribed glasses frames? Try feather-light glasses. These glasses are so light weighted that you can make your day hassle-free without sacrificing your style. Modo eyeglasses are considered one of the most popular spectacles in the optical industry, having a variety of textures, colors, or designs. 

Clear Frame Glasses

Choosing clear frame glasses is the best option for those who want to grab attention and look elegant in the same way. These cool glasses frames aren’t popular among glasses wearers but also among the designers of the fashion industry. No doubt that these glasses are of classical style which gives a subtle look to their wearer. Both lighter and darker versions of clear frame glasses are easily available in the market which you can purchase from optical stores or even online. Clear frame glasses get on well with rounded/ oval and square face shapes. 


Round Frame Glasses

Round frame glasses are now considered as one of the top glasses frames. It gives your face an iconic look. People of all ages can get these amazing round frames. Round frames are mostly lightweight with decent designs that enhance your personality. Some frames come with a plastic top and steel thin bottom. It takes your glasses to another level. A lot of sunglasses come in round frames. However, you can also use round frame glasses with prescription lenses. These frames are for both girls and boys.

Browline Glasses 

If you have dark features or dark hair color, browline glasses frames would go well with your personality. Browline glasses frames are available in astonishing paler shades, classic black, tortoiseshell, and so on. Besides, browline glasses were first worn in 1950, however, these glasses give you a classic look with intellectual vibes. Moreover, browline glasses are preferably considered as the glasses for men but they can be worn by women too. 

Eco Eyewear 

Eco-friendly glasses frames are also known as sustainable glasses. According to Nielsen studies, “ECO is the brand that appeals to millennials, 75% among them alter their buying habits while keeping in mind the environment.” ECO glasses are certified by the USDA. These glasses are made and designed by recycling metals. Moreover, there is a variety of eye-catching styles and colors in the eco-friendly glasses. 

Final Words on the Latest Prescription Glasses Frames 

Choosing the glasses frames according to your style is the best choice to make. While selecting your glasses frame, always consider your face shape, skin tone, and eye color. In addition, you can also reach out to your optician or a reliable person for an honest suggestion. 

Which glasses frames do you think would be suitable for you? Let us know in the comments!

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