Lasting for the Round of 16, Real Madrid are worried about David Alaba’s condition

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“There are some things Ancelotti is worried about”

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NBCNEWS – Real Madrid successfully advanced to the last 16 of the Champions League with one game remaining, when they won 3-0 over the Sheriff on Thursday morning (25/11/2021), the Los Blancos children will be accompanied by Inter Milan to the knockout stage .

Carlo Ancelotti himself was very pleased with his team’s hard work in the match at Bolshaya Sportivnaya, despite the bad news that David Alaba had to leave the field due to injury and could not finish the game.

10 Portraits of Leah Monroe, Tammy Abraham’s Beautiful Vlogger Lover

Apart from Alaba, Los Blancos also cannot let Casemiro get another yellow card because it is very likely that the Brazilian will get a suspension if he gets another yellow card.

“He (Casemiro) told me he got a yellow card from suspension,” Ancelotti told his post-match press conference.

“He (Casemiro) didn’t want to play any longer, so we replaced him.”

Overall, Real Madrid played very well and Ancelotti was pleased with what he saw.

“It was a good performance, which is serious,” said Ancelotti.

“We showed the quality we have. We are happy to qualify, but now we want to finish first.

“Let’s hope Alaba’s injury is not serious. We hope he will play on Sunday.”

The former AC Milan manager later praised Toni Kroos by saying that “when he (Kroos) is at his best, any coach will be calm”.

“I don’t need to talk to him,” said Ancelotti.

“He (Kroos) is calm. He is focused on the game and the team, nothing else. He is playing very well.”

Both Nacho and Rodrygo also received praise from the coach.

“He (Rodyrgo) played very well and we are all happy with him,” said Ancelotti.

“We are also happy with Vinicius and (Marco) Asensio. Nacho’s professionalism is top notch. I know I can always count on him, even just for five minutes.”

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