Kneeling down and crying, Anggiat Pasaribu who claims to be a 3-star general, apologizes | NBCNEWS

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Woman Confessed to be General’s Daughter Arguing with DPR Members Turns Out Not The General’s Wife, This Is Her Figure!

Dream – The dispute between a member of the DPR from the PDIP faction, Arteria Dahlan, and a woman who claims to be the daughter of a three-star general has begun to come to light. The woman finally expressed her feelings to PPP politician, Hasan Husaeri.

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Hasan admitted that he was trying to be a mediation bridge over the issue involving a woman known as Anggiat Pasaribu, fondly called Rindu, and Arteria. This step he took after getting a request from his friend who is Anggiat’s cousin

Hasan met Anggiat on Tuesday, November 23, 2021. At that meeting, Anggiat told him what had happened, until he got into an argument with Arteria.

According to Hasan, when he was about to get off the plane, Anggiat felt like urinating. So he wanted to hurry down.

“I don’t know how he was ignited. Maybe there was a provocation, Wallahu Alam,” said Hasan.

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