Irma Rachim istigfar Instagram Mayang disappears, Warganet: Alhamdulillah

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Mayang and Chika, Vanessa Angel's sister.  Photo: YouTube

Bad luck befell Vanessa Angel’s sister, Mayang, who has only been an artist for two days after her brother died three weeks ago. Mayang’s Instagram account suddenly disappearedhacks.

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The figure who was involved in the debut of Mayang and Chika as singers, Irma Rachim struck a chord. He could not understand those who had done evil to Mayang.

I can only say astagfirullah, whoever you are who hacked his ig may have the heart, “ said Irma Rachim on Instagram on Wednesday, November 24, 2021.

However, Irma tries to be strong and is sincere if indeed removing the Instagram account makes the perpetrators happy. He also said he would forgive the perpetrator.

It’s okay, it’s okay if it makes you feel happy, even though we don’t know you, we haven’t even harmed you, God willing, we forgive, “ he continued firmly.

Mayang and Chika, Vanessa Angel’s sister. Photo: YouTube

Furthermore, Irma gave advice and encouragement to Vanessa Angel’s sister. He said that Mayang was a strong and patient child. The figure who had helped Doddy Sudrajat’s family to release the song also said to forgive those who abused him.

“Mayang child is strong, mayang child is patient. those who berate and curse still forgive, but rest assured you will get the reward.” he added again.

In closing, Irma gave aphorisms as a form of support for Mayang or perhaps for himself.

“Be proud of yourself, even if some people don’t like it. Sometimes They Hate Because They Can’t Be Like You.” concluded Irma Rachim.

Irma Rachim's upload.  Photo: Instagram
Irma Rachim’s upload. Photo: Instagram

Warganet is grateful that Mayang’s Instagram account is gone

Seeing the catastrophe that is being experienced by Mayang, it seems that netizens are responding the opposite way. Many expressed gratitude in the comments column for Irma Rachim’s upload. Others wrote scathing criticism by saying that this was a disaster as a result of working in a time of mourning.

“Thank God,” netizen comments.

“Thank God,” wrote another netizen.

“Hoorayeeeeeeeee” another word.

“Wow, I’m so happy to see it,” said another.

“Thank God, so we can quickly realize that Ms. and her family all need to be in Rukyah,” another netizen said.

Vanessa Angel's father's family.  Photo: Instagram
Vanessa Angel’s father’s family. Photo: Instagram

“Still grieving but can work, tskck,” another toilet.

“I can only say astagfirulloh tanteeeee seeing you, still grieving the late and the late need prayer, not singing…” concluded another netizen.

However, there are also those who suspect that Mayang’s Instagram is nothack but in-report by many people. “Reported maybe,” netizens’ suspicions.

Wow, what do you think, Hopers?

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