India’s Nearly 40 Meters of Garbage Mountain Sighting, Dangerous but ‘Profit’ – Boombastis

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The waste problem can become a serious problem if it is not handled immediately. Not only polluting the environment, the accumulated garbage can cause various kinds of diseases. In some countries, there are still many residential neighborhoods that do not care about waste management. Being used to this kind of environment, the residents were able to make peace with the piles of garbage that towered like mountains from afar.

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As is the case in India, especially the Mumbai and New Delhi areas. Garbage in the area is allowed to pile up to exceed the high-rise building. In fact, local residents use the waste as their livelihood. Then, how is the portrait of the appearance of garbage in several parts of India? These photos illustrate how dilapidated the environment is in the area.

Garbage piles up 38 meters high in Deonar, Mumbai, India. This is because the majority of residents and companies have been throwing garbage for more than 25 years. A total of 16 million tons of waste extends to 300 hectares.

Garbage Mounds in Mumbai [Sumber Gambar]

Garbage decomposed to the point of exploding toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, methane and hydrogen sulfide in 2016.

Garbage burns due to waste gas explosion [Sumber Gambar]

The people’s livelihood is as scavengers and sellers of used goods.

Scavengers in a pile of garbage [Sumber Gambar]

In fact, the Deonar TPA is also used as a place to search for used materials, such as electronics and others. Someone is looking for it with a tractor.

Illegal tractors to sell trash [Sumber Gambar]

Garbage in Mumbai is used by residents as business land without thinking about the environmental impact, 500 trucks go in and out of this area.

Garbage truck as business land [Sumber Gambar]

Close-up of trash piled up in Deonar, Mumbai, causing toxic soil

trash portraits up close and far [Sumber Gambar]

Sanitation in the garbage heap area of ​​Mumbai causes more serious effects of diseases such as tuberculosis, skin diseases, diarrhea and other viruses.

Village Sanitation Garbage Area [Sumber Gambar]

The negative tweets of the world’s netizens flooded the Twitter page, starting with the question ‘Future gold mine?’, until someone insinuated that the height of the pile of garbage was not a problem. The problem is the high value of the waste for local residents.

World netizen comments [Sumber Gambar]

The Vice President of the Congress, Rahul Gandhi, had advised the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, to provide a strategy to prevent waste from piling up.

The vice president invites to clean up the trash [Sumber Gambar]

Although the sanitation program has been announced by the prime minister on October 1, 2021, the problem of the garbage mountain in Mumbai has yet to find a solution. According to most residents, their livelihoods will be threatened by the program. Mountains of garbage also occurred in New Delhi’s Ghazipur landfill.

New Delhi’s mountain-like pile of trash [Sumber Gambar]

The picture of garbage mounds in India is an unresolved problem until now.

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Hopefully the case of garbage accumulation like in India will not happen in Indonesia. One simple way is to not litter in the house. From there, we can get used to living clean wherever we are.

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