Hot over the inheritance, Nikita Mirzani gave a message to Vanessa’s father: For Mr. Doddy…

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Nikita Mirzani.  Photo: Instagram

His death Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah in a fatal accident indeed invites a lot of compassion and attention. Especially the fate of their only child, Gala Sky, who was orphaned at a very young age. Recently, Nikita Mirzani also opened his voice about the polemic of the distribution of the inheritance left by Vanessa-Auntie.

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“The deceased’s father insisted on asking Vanessa to share her wealth because Vanessa still has a sister. In my opinion, Vanessa’s sister is actually her father’s responsibility, not Vanessa’s. Because Vanessa is married. So whatever is left by the deceased, it will go to the Gala,” he said in a broadcast Instagram live on reported by Hops on Thursday, (25/11/21).

Fitri Salhuteru, who was also on the live Instagram, gave a similar response. According to Fitri, adults around Gala can work independently without relying on inheritance.

“If that’s what we use conscience, yes, there are rules in inheritance law, for example, what can be A, B, C, my personal opinion is that I’m an adult, I can make efforts, I can earn sustenance… I don’t think anything left by my parents is okay will be enough to make him mature and independent.”

On that occasion, Nikita Mirzani said that Vanessa and Bibi’s legacy was not necessarily enough to pay for Gala to go to college.

Nikita Mirzani. Photo: Instagram

“That’s right, it won’t be enough until Gala grows up. So it would be better for these old people, as long as they are still healthy, the legs are not paralyzed, naudzubillah, the brain can still be used to think, look for a lawful job, just work, don’t take care of inheritance.”

“The inheritance doesn’t seem to arrive at the college Gala, it seems. It’s nothing, it means that Vanessa won this year, so we can measure how much.”

Nikita also gave a wise response to Vanessa Angel’s father, Doddy Sudrajat as follows.

“For Mr. Doddy, I also know him, even though I don’t know him very well because there was a WhatsApp before when Vanessa had a problem, please mean that you’re still in good health, it’s better to work, don’t worry about your wealth. Everyone already has their take,” he concluded.

Vanessa Angel and her father photo: Special
Vanessa Angel and her father photo: Special

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