Haven’t seen each other for a long time, Sheila Marcia and Anji’s family portrait makes netizens happy

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The twists and turns of life sometimes give us lessons to be able to find true happiness. People who have a gloomy past does not mean their future life will be dim too. Maybe they find happiness and peace that they never thought possible. That’s what singer Anji and soap opera actress Sheila Marcia show.

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Recently, netizens were moved by the Instagram uploads shared by the two. They showed closeness as a family when Anji visited Sheila’s family in Semarang. By writing touching captions, Anji, Sheila, Dimas, and their children were seen embracing each other showing happy faces.

Visiting Semarang, Anji met Sheila Marcia’s family to let go of his longing for his daughter

Singers Anji and Sheila Marcia are known to have a daughter named Leticia Charlotte. Although now both of them are happy with their respective small families, Anji and Sheila still have a good relationship. Evidently, recently Anji came to visit Sheila’s family in Semarang. Not only close to Sheila, Anji also seems close to Sheila’s husband, Dimas Akira. This can be seen in the photos shared on their Instagram.

The photo shared on November 23 by Anji shows him embracing his daughter along with Sheila’s family. Not only sharing photos, he also uploaded a video while hugging Sheila’s husband. Anji wrote the caption “Happy Family” while marking Sheila Marcia and Dimas Akira.

Not only Anji, Sheila Marcia also uploaded a photo of them together while writing a touching message

Compact with Anji, Sheila and her husband also uploaded the same photo. Sheila wrote that they were an amazing family. He also wrote a touching message that after all the storms and trials, they could finally stand stronger and closer.

“Our awesome family, literally awesome😎❤️ Less @winatalia, @sagaomarnagata , @sigraumarnarada ❤️ after all the storms and trials, here we are standing stronger and closer next to each other #awesomefamily & #familykece,” he wrote.

Anji’s photo upload with Sheila Marcia’s family was responded to by netizens’ emotional comments

Seeing this harmonious family makes netizens happy too. They were amazed because even though both of them already have families, they still maintain a good relationship. Not only that, netizens also prayed for the happiness of Anji and Sheila Marcia’s family.

“It’s really nice to see like this, to be a big family. Exemplary,” wrote @febriyanto ***

“Be always happy Sista, God bless your family. Hug away,” wrote @mom_grish ***

Sheila Marcia is now living happily with her husband, Dimas Akira, with their four children. They married in 2020 after officially divorcing their ex-husband who was accused of domestic violence. Meanwhile, Anji is now living happily with his wife, Wina Natalia and their children. Even though they both have bad pasts, they have made peace with the situation and are both living happily.


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