Habib Bahar threatens to destroy kyai and ulema, PDIP politicians: Know that this is Indonesia!

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Ruhut Sitompul.  Photo: Instagram

politician Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), Ruhut Sitompul comment on the lecture Habib Bahar bin Smith which exploded and threatened to destroy the traitorous kyai and clerics Habib Rizieq.

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Ruhut said, Habib Bahar don’t use that style of speech – explosive and fiery. In fact, Ruhut assessed that Bahar’s lectures circulating on social media, which threatened the cleric, had the tone of provocation and went too far.

“Habib Bahar’s lecture sounded provocation and went too far,” said Ruhut, quoted from the JPNN website, Thursday, November 25, 2021.

The former Democrat Party politician also asked Bahar to respect the rules and know himself.

“Why are the supporters mixed up now, who doesn’t know what to do. Just respect all the rules, know that this is Indonesia,” said Ruhut.

Ruhut Sitompul. Photo: Instagram

Ruhut further said that no party was afraid of Bahar. Even the evidence, Bahar was imprisoned too.

“Who is he, are we afraid? The evidence is also deforested, the evidence is jailed too, “concluded Ruhut.

Previously on Twitter, Ruhut also commented on the video lecture of Habib Bahar which exploded and threatened the ulama. He wrote that Bahar, who had just come out of prison, immediately sold verses to the public. Ruhut also emphasized that the Indonesian people are not afraid of Bahar, because he has 3 4-star generals.

This is Kadrun who just got out of prison and immediately sneered at him, ashamed to be imprisoned for molesting children who didn’t fight back, now he’s pretending to sell religion. Are the beloved Indonesian people afraid? We, the people, have 3 4-star generals, Sigit, Dudung, Andika. independent,” tweeted Ruhut.

Habib Bahar threatens the traitorous cleric Habib Rizieq

Previously, a video circulated in which Habib Bahar bin Smith threatened the treacherous cleric from Habib Rizieq. His statement was delivered at his first lecture after being released from prison at the Prophet’s birthday.

“You (you) people, habaib, kyai, scholars, whoever you are, whoever you are, want your guardian’s son, your cleric’s son, you betray Habib Rizieq, I will kill one by one,” Habib Bahar said.

He also said that Habib Rizieq, who had been living quietly in Mecca, was asked by his followers to come to Indonesia. However, Bahar questioned why when there was a shooting incident 6 FPI Warriors until HRS was imprisoned, many ustaz were silent.

Habib Bahar bin Smith.  Photo: YouTube
Habib Bahar bin Smith. Photo: YouTube

“All of you who invited Habib Rizieq, he was in Mecca, his life was calm, you invited him to come to the country, you were imprisoned, you were silent, where were you? Hah?! Where were you when 6 of his students, 6 of his students, were killed, massacred, where were you?!” he said in a high pitched voice.

Bahar bin Smith once again confirmed that he would kill anyone who betrayed Habib Rizieq. Not without reason he said that. Bahar doesn’t want traitors to be in his camp.

“To the wrongdoers, I will look for them one by one. I will kill you, whoever you are who betrays Habib Rizieq, I will kill you and I will destroy you,” said Bahar.

“Anyone, the habaib in particular, you kyai, ustaz, who betrayed Habib Rizieq, all of you will face ana, Bahar bin Smith. Why? Brother, if the enemy outside is obvious, the bastard is a traitor,” he added.

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