Great! Political Parties Called to Have Become a den of Corruption

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NBCNEWS – TB political academics. Massa Djafar believes that political parties are now a hotbed of corruption in Indonesia.

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This is because political party cadres in parliament are authorized to formulate policies, both at the central and regional levels.

This is a reflection of PDIP politician Arteria Dahlan’s statement that the KPK does not need to carry out a hand arrest operation (OTT) against the police, prosecutors, and judges.

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Arteria’s statement was even defended by PDIP Secretary General Hasto Kristiyanto.

“Party cadres have more authority to formulate regulations and policies, so they can take the opportunity to take advantage of their position,” he told NBCNEWS, Tuesday (23/11).

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The masses said that this form of abuse of power could be done through the policy formulation process or at the implementation level.

The reason is that not a few members of the central and regional parliaments deliberately make “evil” deals with companies that won the tender.

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“It is possible to share the profits with the tender company or even use their own company,” he said.

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