Geger is thought to have changed religion after being married to a handsome stock boss, Velove Vexia reveals the belief he has held since birth, it’s shocking!

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NBCNEWS, Jakarta —

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The beautiful artist Velove Vexia is now enveloped in happiness after marrying her idol. Velove finally let go of his single life and married a handsome businessman, Zakry Sulisto.

However, besides that, bad news also blows that hit Velove Vexia. Raffi Ahmad’s ex-girlfriend is said to have changed religion after being married to Zakry Sulisto.

Many netizens thought that the daughter of the famous lawyer OC Kaligis had converted to Islam before marrying the handsome stock boss. The reason is, all this time they thought Velove was following his father’s belief.

However, netizens’ suspicions seem to be wrong. Long before marriage, Velove Vexia was also asked about his beliefs by netizens on social media. It was there that the religion he embraced was answered.

“My religion is Islam. But I respect all religions,” said Velove Vexia in response to netizens’ questions, as quoted from various sources, Monday (11/26/2021).

The 31-year-old Dara also once emphasized that she had never become a convert or even changed her faith. Velove said that he had been a Muslim since birth.


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