Funny Habits of Motorcyclists When Driving Alone. From Halu to Silently Crying~

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As we know, motorbikes are one of the most popular means of transportation for Indonesians. In addition to the price that tends to be sloping, the motorcycle also has a slim design that makes it suitable for blusukan when you are stuck in traffic. But you know what, apparently there are many unique habits that can be done when we ride this mode of transportation.

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We can do a lot of funny things on a motorbike, as is often done by motorcyclists in general. These activities are usually often done when alone splitting the street. It’s funny, but these things are actually really fun to do. You sure too relate with the items below. Just admit it~

1. Solo concerts on motorbikes are always fun, we are free to sing any song without fear of being blasphemed. It seems that if you drive alone without singing along the road, you feel something is missing

So that other riders don’t know you’re at a concert / Credit: Twitter

It is common knowledge that motorcyclists love to sing along the way. This of course can add to the serene atmosphere of the trip, especially if it is full of nostalgia. You also don’t need to be afraid of being blasphemed, just make sure that the “concert” you hold is on a busy highway. If on a quiet village road, it could be a different story.

2. You can also give a solo speech or pretend to be a podcast speaker while on a motorbike. It’s good to train public speaking~

Better to talk alone than while chatting / Credit: twitter

On the motorbike there is not much we can do. But if you talk, it can still be done. Therefore, if you are tired of singing, the driver will usually start a speech session to voice his opinion. Opinions that have been stored for so long, perhaps because they are embarrassed or confused about where to convey them, can just come out. Being a lone motorcyclist can indeed make you truly yourself. Fix, motorbikes are the second most common place for inspiration after the toilet.

3. This is most common in single motorcyclists. If you are confused about where to cry, then crying on a motorbike is a pleasure in itself. Original!

Crying on a motorbike / Credit: Instagram indozone

If you are confused that there is no conducive place to cry, then crying while walking around the city is a pleasure that is second to none. With a slow pace, you seem to be able to invite the streets to cry with you. Don’t worry about other riders, just wear a helmet with dark glasses and don’t look away.

4. In addition to expressing emotions by crying, you can also channel emotions by shouting on a motorbike. Make sure the streets are very busy or quiet

Shouting on a motorbike / Credit: Pinterest

If you have cried, then it is incomplete if it is not equipped with a scream. Secretly, many also like to scream because they are tired of life. To be safe, usually screaming can be done when the road is quiet or very busy at all, so that you don’t hear it. Anyway, make sure that your screams don’t disturb the concentration of other motorists, OK!

5. After the red light or after the train bars are lifted, it feels like the war has begun. For those who often do so, please confess

Halu at a red light / Credit: Mobil123

When a red light or a train passes, the riders will usually gather first to wait. Well, the moment when the light turns green and the bar is lifted it will resemble scene war with horses, the difference is using a motorbike.

There are also those who often imagine themselves in a racing arena and secretly feel victorious when overtaking other riders. It’s ridiculous, the name is also halu~

Riding a motorbike certainly needs to be done with careful preparation and also a fit body. Instead of being bored and sleepy, then there’s nothing wrong with doing the various things above. But as long as you stay focused and don’t do any harm. If you feel the above activities are too distracting, then pulling over and pausing is the best option.

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