Express the Desire to Make Vanessa Angel’s Dream Come True, Friends Until You Do This

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The deadly accident that took the lives of Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah still leaves a very deep sorrow, especially for Vanessa Angel’s friends who did not expect Vanessa to leave for good.

Before his death, Vanessa and Bibi had expressed their dream of having a new, more comfortable home, because so far their small family was still renting out. The fate of Gala Sky who has become an orphan seems to continue to invite the sympathy of many people.

Seeing this condition made Vanessa Angel’s friend, Marissya Icha, moved to realize Vanessa’s and aunt’s dreams with the intention of raising funds to buy a house for Gala.

Because the house that is now occupied by the one-year-old boy is under contract. “Three more months of the contract expires. I’ll move as soon as possible,” wrote Marissya Icha on Instagram Story, Wednesday (24/11).

Not a few who support Marissya Icha’s good intentions, she revealed that she would provide transparency of funds to citizens regarding incoming donations.

“Of course I will update. If I can I mutate the checking account every day on Instagram,” he said.


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