Encanto Ending Explained: Generations, Divided

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As Josh Spiegel points out in /Film’s review, despite a rich history of memorable villains, there isn’t actually a villain in the House of Mouse’s latest offering. However, based on how the family talks about him, Bruno Madrigal is painted as the bad guy. Mirabel’s uncle is played by comedy legend John Leguizamo and his gift is the ability to see the future. This gift turned out to be more of a curse though, since Bruno had a vision about the family one day, then disappeared. From that day on, the family adopted the policy of “We don’t talk about Bruno.”

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As she looks for answers that could help her in her quest to save her family’s magic, Mirabel breaks into Bruno’s room, which has been boarded up and unoccupied for some time. After scaling the tower in this massive room (because the Madrigal house is basically made up of many TARDISes that are bigger on the inside), she finds the shattered pieces of Bruno’s last prophecy. She also triggers a trap that looks to bury her in sand.

After narrowly escaping his room before becoming a human hourglass, Mirabel finally meets Tio Bruno face to face. He gives her the lowdown on his story, which involves fleeing into the walls of the house and befriending rats so that it looked like he left without actually being far from his beloved family. Since he felt that his gift was hurting the Madrigals more than helping, Bruno just removed himself to make things easier for everyone.

His burden becomes a blessing since Bruno is able to decipher the broken pieces of his vision for Mirabel. According to the reassembled tablet, she will either make or break the magic that has defined the family for decades. In order to save it, she has to reconcile with someone, but it’s unclear with who. All Bruno can say is that Mirabel is seen hugging a woman in the vision, so they assume that means that her beef with her sister Isabela (voiced by “Doom Patrol” star Diane Guerrero) needs to be squashed for the good of the family.

Even though it seems pretty clear at this point in the movie that Mirabel needs to talk to her Abuela about everything that’s going on, sure, let’s deal with Isabela first.

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