Duet Vanessa Family Gets Hundreds of Dislikes on Youtube, Vanessa Angel’s Father Doesn’t Care – Latest Celeb News

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The sisters of the late Vanessa Angel, Mayang and Chika formed a duo called Vanessa Family and launched their debut single, Yesterday. However, after the single was uploaded on Youtube social media, netizens gave a bad response.

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This is known from the video that was released on Wednesday, November 24, 2021. Even though it was immediately trending, it got fewer likes than dislikes.

“We saw that it was trending 2 if I’m not mistaken, the last time daddy saw it was trending 2,” said Doddy Sudrajat when met in the Mampang area, South Jakarta, Thursday (25/11).

“Yes, it’s okay, it’s normal, it’s normal there are people who like it, some don’t like it, black and white is normal,” added Doddy.

In addition, the Vanessa Family duo is scheduled to appear at the 40 daily event commemorating Vanessa Angel which will be held at Tribrata Dharmawangsa, South Jakarta.

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