Doddy Sudrajat Feels Uncomfortable to the House of the Late Vanessa Angel, Why?

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NBCNEWS – Doddy Sudrajat, the father of the late Vanessa Angel, admitted that he was reluctant or uncomfortable if he went to his daughter’s house to meet Gala Sky Andriansyah, her grandson. According to him, he feels uncomfortable because his daughter’s house is now occupied by her sisters.

“We are reluctant to come there. Auntie’s sisters all live there. The house seems to have no privacy, I came there with Mayang and her mother, so I was reluctant,” said Doddy Sudrajat to reporters after a pilgrimage to Vanessa and Bibi’s graves at the Cemetery Malacca Islam, Pesanggrahan recently

Doddy said that the lack of privacy when visiting his grandchildren was the reason why Doddy had not been able to meet Andriansyah’s Gala Sky.

“I want to go there to see my grandson, there are his sisters (Auntie) so I’m afraid. It’s not that we are not close to Vanessa and Gala, because we are reluctant, because her younger siblings live there so there is no privacy,” concluded Doddy Sudrajat.

Doddy Sudrajat is currently in the spotlight because he is considered to want to seize the rights of his grandson’s guardian, Gala Sky Andriansyah from his aunt Andriansyah’s family. Whereas initially it was reported that Doddy had agreed that Gala’s custody would be given to Faisal.

The struggle for custody has made netizens speculate that Vanessa’s inheritance will also be up for grabs. The reason is that Gala is now an orphan after her parents died due to a single accident on the Jombang toll road, on November 4, 2021.


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