Doddy Soedrajat shouts about lies, Aunt Ardiansyah’s father is furious

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NBCNEWS, Bogor —

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The fierce feud between Vanessa Angel’s family and Aunt Ardiansyah is still ongoing. Doddy Soedrajat continued to act by telling lies about the insurance nominal, making Aunt Ardiansyah’s father, Faisal, furious.

Faisal admitted that he was disappointed with Doddy’s behavior who lied to him about the nominal value of Vanessa Angel’s life insurance, when in fact Faisal already knew the nominal amount from the insurance company.

The discussion about insurance was brought up by Doddy to Faisal when he was at Vanessa’s residence to ask for a number of files and letters for the disbursement of insurance funds.

“He asked to sign the letter, I signed it, my wife signed it. I asked how much Prudential was worth, he said Rp 30 million,” Faisal said, quoted by YouTube Intense Investigation.

“Even though my son and my family have been contacted by Prudential, the value is more than Rp. 500 million, I know, I just keep quiet. Okay, there’s no problem,” he continued.

Knowing this, Faisal chose to remain silent and did not want to comment further on insurance. But things started to heat up when Doddy suddenly wanted to apply for Gala Sky’s guardianship.

“He said, ‘Pak Haji, I also want guardianship’, am I not emotional? I have loved the letter, I have signed it, he asked for it,” said Faisal. “He said, ‘I also want guardianship.’ I was emotional. The letter has been completed, I have signed it, he said he wants guardianship rights. Who doesn’t get emotional, doesn’t feel cheated, doesn’t feel like I was cheated, “he added.


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