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Broken Kite

For those who like family dramas with the theme of the actor and the complexity surrounding it, at the end of November 2021, you can immediately watch the series starring Reza Rahadian, Putri Marino and Anya Geraldine.

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The WeTV Original series is titled Layangan Putus , and it is said that the story in this series will break the hearts of its viewers.

Kites Break is the work of director Benny Setiawan, and besides the stars mentioned above, there are also Marthino Lio, Ricky Wattimena, Frederika Cull (Puteri Indonesia 2019)

For those who are curious, you can watch the following video trailer for Kites Break up

The trailer shows the harmonious family of Aris (Reza Rahadian) and Kinan (Putri Marino), who have one daughter.

When Kinan was pregnant with her second child, Aris’s behavior changed, which caused Kinan to feel suspicious and keep guessing, until one day he asked Aris for an explanation.

It can be seen that the two stars exude deep emotions and feelings in each of the characters they play, so that it looks like a true story that viewers of movies or TV series might encounter everyday.

Reza Rahadian himself commented that Layangan Putus is a series that is full of challenges.

Kites Break is a series that matches reality. This series is something new. Hopefully the community can accept

Meanwhile, Putri Marino commented that in this series, she played an unusual character.

“To bear the character of Kinan is very heavy and emotional. Even though it’s very heavy, it’s easy to carry”

Benni Setiawan himself as the director really hopes that this series will be well received by the public.

Broken Kite

This Disconnected Show will consist of 10 episodes, and can be watched by all WeTV users via streaming or offline, for free, on the WeTV and Iflix applications, or wetv.vip

WeTV can be downloaded from the mobile application, be it on Android (Google Play) or IOS (App Store) devices. This application is popular among Asian drama lovers, because this application is ranked 1 Top Free Apps and 1 Top Grossing OTT Apps.

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