Disappointed by the media giving the stage to greedy people, Sabrina Chairunnisa asks to stop drama about wealth

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Recently, the public has been highlighting the news about the wealth of the artist’s family. This started from the conflict that occurred between the family of the late Vanessa Angel and Febri Andriansyah. Both of them provide clarification in public about the material rights left by the child.

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The discussion has now become a hot ball after Vanessa’s father expressed his desire to clearly divide inheritance and insurance. The inheritance in question is not only the legacy of Gala, but also refers to the business that Vanessa Angel is currently running. This issue has become public consumption and has a long tail.

Sabrina Chairunnisa admitted that she was disappointed with the media giving the stage. He also touched on conscience and ethics

Sabrina is furious with the media giving the stage | Credit: Instagram @sabrinachairunnisa_

Seeing the endless news about wealth, content creator Sabrina Chairunnisa was furious. He criticized the media for continuing to present news in the realm of privacy. Moreover, this is related to the departure of someone, in which the grieving condition is still felt by the family. According to him, the circulating issues are getting worse as if news seekers are leading to something that causes conflict.

“Are you so lacking in material that is more weighty, that you almost every day present the drama of the greed of individuals for the property of people who have passed away? Where is the media’s conscience and ethics? Continue to cloud the atmosphere by setting the stage for something that is not really worth talking about in public,” he wrote in a statement, Wednesday (24/11).

According to Deddy Corbuzier’s lover, the information provided is disturbing. Considering that there are still children of the late Vanessa and Bibi who can access the news when they grow up.

“For the sake of your content, you sacrifice the hearts of other families who are still really grieving, hurt again. For the sake of your content, you sacrifice the psyche of a 1 year old toddler to be the butt of discussing his parents’ wealth,” continued Sabrina.

I was so upset, Sabrina asked for help from Deddy Corbuzier to stop the drama about property problems

Sabrina Chairunnisa’s complaints | Credit: Instagram @sabrinachairunnisa_

Before the issue of inheritance circulated, content creators on YouTube were also competing to present the family as resource persons. Through a conversation on Langit Entertainment’s YouTube channel, Celine Evangelista asked about the distribution of inheritance. Vanessa’s father also replied that “Everything is for Gala, but there is Mayang (Vanessa’s sister) here too,” he explained.

This became the subject of the public’s monthly reports, until finally the issue of the material left by Vanessa and Bibi became news that was always shared.updates by media mainstream. Sabrina also asked all parties to stop exploring unethical news.

“Honestly, for God’s sake, I asked Mas Ded for help, how to stop this this afternoon. Because I feel with platform what he has, can help to stop reporting on unethical dramas, the wits of these media elements, “he concluded.

In addition, Sabrina also reminded reporters not to ask sensitive questions. If this can be stopped, the ongoing conflict can finally subside by itself.

“Believe me, this person will not be able to be heard and continue to discuss something unethical. If not the culprits, unscrupulous journalists continue to lead and fry the news. And because the news is endless statement unethical to be a wild ball in society. And disturbing,” he concluded.

Seeing the uploads shared by Sabrina, not a few netizens agree and criticize those who only care about profit.

“I really agree, Sab.. I’m so sad that I always skip the news. Oh God,” commented the account @taniaputri1707.

“It’s kind of a place to find money behind the suffering of people who are grieving. Give them space to take care of their problems,” said the account @ross****b.

“The public also likes it like this. How will Indonesia move forward if there are still many people who like poor quality content,” continued another netizen.


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