Chronology of TNI vs. Police Baku Fist in Ambon, Bak Buk Bak Buk

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NBCNEWS – The TNI vs police incident in a scuffle in Ambon, Maluku, went viral on social media (social media).

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The incident occurred in front of the Mutiara Mardika Post, Sirimau District, Ambon City, Wednesday (24/11) at 18:30 WIT.

The widely circulated amateur video of TNI vs police fistfights has a duration of 24 seconds.

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The fight began when two Ambon Police personnel with the initials NS and ZL managed traffic.

NS then stopped road users riding KLX motorbikes without number plates.

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The driver was unable to show his SIM and STNK. NS and ZL then took the motorcycle belonging to the rider to the Mutiara Post.

The motorcyclist, whose identity was not revealed, immediately called his brother, BK.

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BK is a TNI soldier who served in the Provos Kodam XVI Pattimura.

Watch this video:


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