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Beautiful Abigail

Story of Dinda has been airing since October 29, 2021. There is something interesting in the film that tells about this woman’s point of view.

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For the cast of Dinda’s best friend, Beautiful Abigail as Nina dan Ryoichi Adityo Hutomo as Surya, Dinda’s story in this short film, is a storyline that prioritizes Dinda’s happiness.

Dinda has been hurt by the behavior of her previous boyfriend, Argo and is saved by Kale (Ardhito Pramono), but it turns out that Dinda seems to have fallen back into deeper sorrow, because Dinda feels that all her actions and thoughts are limited by Kale, and she seems unable to move.

Cantika Abigail, who was immediately cast as Dinda’s best friend, stated that she was very upset with Dinda’s behavior and really wanted to wake Dinda so that she would get up and change herself.

This seems to be answered by the presence of Pram (Abimana Aryasatya) who is a mature figure and has a mature personality, and supports Dinda to want to bring out her potential that has existed so far. He was also the one who encouraged Dinda to get up and with light and relaxed chats, Dinda seemed to have come to her senses.

In line with Cantika Abigail, Ryoichi Adityo Hutomo, also said that his presence in this series since Story of Kale seemed as a character who saw how Dinda was treated arbitrarily by Kale, and as a good friend he supported Dinda to rise.

This film is an explanation and reason why Dinda at the end of Story of Kale finally decided to leave Kale and made a special impression on Kale when she met Awan (Rachel Amanda,) in the feature film NKCTHI which was popular a few years ago.

Story of Dinda is one universe with NKCTHI , which enriches the message conveyed from the book by Marchella FP. The NKCTHI book is one of the best-selling books in Indonesia.

For those who haven’t watched it, you can still watch it on Online Cinema , before being replaced by the latest films from other Online Cinema.

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