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lisa blackpink positive covid-19

Bad news came from the South Korean entertainment world. One of the members idol groups, Lisa BLACKPINK Positive Covid-19. The news was delivered directly by Blackpink’s agency YG Entertainment through its official statement.

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Three other BLACKPINK members, namely Jisoo, Rose, and Jennie have also carried out an examination. However, until now the results have not been confirmed. Based on the applicable regulations, the three of them have not been categorized as close contact with Lisa. However, the three are still self-isolating as a form of prevention.

The news of BLACKPINK’s Lisa Positive Covid-19 surprised many fans. Reportedly, some agendas had to be canceled, here are the full details!

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Some Facts about Lisa BLACKPINK Positive COVID-19

Source: Instagram

Shocking news came from BLACKPINK member from Thailand, Lisa. The woman whose full name is Lalisa Manoban has tested positive for COVID-19. This was conveyed directly by YG Entertainment as the agency of BLACKPINK.

“BLACKPINK’s Lisa was diagnosed positive for COVID-19 this afternoon (November 24, 2021),” wrote the YG Entertainment agency through its official statement on Wednesday (11/24/2021) yesterday as reported by the agency. soompi.

After Lisa was confirmed positive for COVID-19, the other three BLACKPINK members, namely Jisoo, Rose, and Jennie, immediately underwent a PCR test. However, the three of them have not been classified as people who have close contact with Lisa.

“The other three members have not been put in close contact, but after Lisa received a positive result from the COVID-19 test, they did a PCR test and are currently waiting for the results,” YG Entertainment said.

Although they have not received their test results, the three are still undergoing self-isolation as a procedure to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

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YG Entertainment Prioritizes Artist and Staff Health

BLACKPINK's Lisa Positive for COVID-19, 3 Other Members Still Waiting For PCR Test Results

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YG Entertainment immediately took active action against people suspected of having close contact with Lisa including dancer and the staff.

“First of all, we have taken precautions that go beyond the guidelines of health authorities by sharing relevant information quickly and accurately with the people concerned (close contacts). If there are changes in the future, we will inform you as soon as possible,” YG Entertainment said.

As a BLACKPINK agency, YG Entertainment is committed to providing full support for the healing and health of their shade artist.

“We will continue to provide full support, the health of our artist and related staff members is a top priority,” concluded YG Entertainment.

After Lisa tested positive for COVID-19, YG Entertainment reportedly canceled many previously planned events.

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The members met before BLACKPINK’s Lisa tested positive for COVID-19

Lisa blackpink positive covid-19

Source: Koreaboo

The three BLACKPINK members, Jennie, Rose, and Jisoo, have not been categorized as close contacts with Lisa. However, all of the members reportedly met before Lisa was confirmed positive.

Jennie, Jisoo and Rose met Lisa in Korea after returning from the United States. Reported from Koreaboo, for several months, Jennie, Lisa and Rose are known to be in the United States. The three of them have several agendas in Uncle Sam’s country.

The meeting of the BLACKPINK members is known from their Instagram Story. The four even signify BLACKPINK’s official Instagram, @blackpinkofficial.

Fans Are Worried About Lisa’s Condition

BLACKPINK's Lisa Positive for COVID-19, 3 Other Members Still Waiting For PCR Test Results

Source: Instagram

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has been confirmed to have COVID-19, but her current state has not been revealed by YG Entertainment. This provoked the concerns of fans and flocked to pray for Lisa in the comments column of her Instagram account @lalalalisa_m.

“Good grief, are you okay?” Write fans in the comments column.

“Lisa Get Well Soon”, said one fan.

“Get well soon Lisa, you are strong as usual,” said another.

The news that BLACKPINK’s Lisa was confirmed positive for COVID-19 surprised many. A number of planned agendas had to be cancelled. Let’s pray for Lisa’s condition to be fine and get well soon, okay? Parents!


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