Baby’s Skin Peeling, Is It Normal?

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Kulit Bayi Mengelupas, Normalkah?

Newborns have very sensitive skin. This condition makes the baby’s skin very susceptible to a number of skin problems. In addition to dry skin, newborns also often experience skin peeling.

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Exfoliation of the newborn’s skin is a normal condition and does not require special treatment. However, in some severe cases, medical treatment is required to treat the condition. To find out the causes and treatment for peeling skin in babies, let’s see the full review below!

Is it normal for newborns to experience exfoliation?

In most cases, peeling of the skin in newborns is a normal condition. This happens because the newborn’s skin is still very thin and delicate, so it is very susceptible to dryness.

When the skin is dry, the top layer of the baby’s skin is peeled off. Generally, this will occur the first few weeks after birth and will resolve on its own over time.

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Causes of Peeling Baby’s Skin

There are several factors that cause baby’s skin to peel, including:

1. Vernix caseosa

Vernix caseosa is a thick layer of fat that resembles a waxy coating on a newborn’s skin. This layer protects the baby from amniotic fluid while in the womb. After birth, this layer will gradually disappear on its own during the first few weeks of birth and cause the baby’s skin to peel.

2. Birth at term

The characteristics of a newborn’s skin differ depending on the age of birth. Premature babies for example, they tend to experience less exfoliation. Meanwhile, babies born at term have thicker skin than premature babies. This thicker skin condition makes it easier to dry and scaly.

3. Eczema

Eczema is characterized by dry rashes on the face, elbows, and knees. Eczema is caused by an allergy, which causes itching and causes the skin to peel.

4. Ichthyosis

Ichthyosis is a rare condition that occurs due to a genetic mutation. This condition makes the dead skin very dry and scaly, so it easily peels off when rubbed.

5. Psoriasis

This autoimmune disease occurs due to excessive skin inflammation and causes the exfoliation of skin cells to be faster.

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How to Take Care of Peeling Newborn Skin?

No need to panic if you find your little one’s skin peeling. There are several things you can do to help treat and treat your little one’s skin conditions, including:

1. Using a moisturizer

Hypoallergenic moisturizers can usually be used to soothe dry, peeling baby skin. Apply every time your little one is bathed or as often as possible, so that the moisture of his skin is maintained.

2. Use of topical ointment

Topical ointments are usually recommended to treat peeling skin problems caused by eczema or psoriasis. Mums need to consult a doctor first regarding the use of ointments.

3. Avoid taking too long a bath

Try to bathe your baby for less than 10 minutes and if possible avoid bathing him every day. Bathing the baby too long or too often, especially with warm water, can reduce the natural moisture of the baby’s skin.

4. Use special soap for baby’s skin

Be sure to choose a special baby bath soap that has a gentle and moisturizing formula.

5. Keep the room temperature moist

Air that is too dry can exacerbate irritation and cause rashes on the baby’s skin. Therefore, make sure to keep the baby’s room humidity at the right temperature.

6. Use cotton clothes

Cotton has a softer character than other types of clothing. In addition, the cotton material does not feel hot when used. That is why cotton is the most recommended choice of clothing for babies and children.

Peeling skin in newborns is a common condition in the first weeks after birth. Generally, this condition will improve on its own over time. However, you still have to be careful if the peeling skin gets worse or doesn’t get better. Immediately consult a doctor for proper medical treatment. (US)

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