Apart from Indomie, this Indonesian product makes Caucasians attracted to the world!

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ACCURATE.CO Some people are still pessimistic about Indonesian products that cannot compete in the international arena. In fact, there are many Indonesian products that are often hunted by foreigners. In fact, according to a poll, one of Indonesia’s products is included in the top 10 favorite products of the world’s citizens.

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Reported from various sources, here are various products that are not only famous in the domestic market but are also sought after in the international market.

1. Indomie

Starting from boarding children who always keep Indomie’s stock in their rooms to entrepreneurs with billions of Rupiah in income, Indomie always has its own charm.

In fact, according to research conducted by the Worldpanel Office, the flagship product of the company, which was founded in 1990, has become the 8th most popular product in the world, competing with 50 other products in the global market.

2. J.Co Donuts

Many think that this culinary product comes from abroad. In fact, J.Co Donuts and Coffee has been developed by Johnny Andrean Group since 2016 in Indonesia. Not only able to compete with its various competitors, this donut-producing company has penetrated into neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, to China.

3. Reject the Wind

Having been produced in Indonesia since 1941, Tolak Angin is no longer a product that is only known in the domestic market. This flagship product from the Sido Muncul company has penetrated the international market with distribution in more than 12 countries in the world, including Australia, South Korea, Nigeria, the United States, to Russia. Along with the development of the market, Tolak Angin which was previously only available in powder form, has now been converted into liquid and tablet forms.


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