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Persiba the Sun Bear slipped at home in the Liga 2 Group D match against Persewar Waropen on Wednesday 24/11 at the Batakan Stadium, when Fahri Husaini’s team conceded one goal and were unable to reply until the match ended.

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“Persewar is lucky and can be effective. Of their several chances, one became a goal,” said Fahri after the match.

The only goal that Persewar scored was made by naturalized player Mamadou Hady Barry. Mamadou was the tallest of all the players on the field. He headed home a Patrick Womsiwor cross from the left of the Persiba defense in the eighth minute.

Furthermore, buying and selling attacks occurred throughout the match, but there were no more goals.

“And we wasted a number of opportunities,” continued Fahri Husaini.

With this defeat, Persiba’s steps will be even more difficult to advance to the Round of Eight and grab a chance of promotion to League 1. Bryan Cesar and his friends must win in the last match versus Mitra Kukar next week.

“It also still depends on the results of the North Sulawesi United versus PSBS Biak match, also Central Kalimantan Putra vs Mitra Kukar.

On the other hand, despite losing, Persiba temporarily rose to second place in the standings. Persewar rose to third place displacing North Sulawesi United to fourth position.

Persiba rose to second in the standings due to superior goals on aggregate from Persewar. Previously when competing at the Tuah Pahoe Stadium, Palangkaraya, in the first round, Persiba won 2-1 over Persewar.

From the results of the 9th match, Persiba, North Sulawesi United, and Persewar now both have 12 points.

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