After his release, Habib Bahar testified that the torture of the grave was dismissed by God because he read the Bible

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Habib Bahar bin Smith.  Photo: Instagram

After a breath of fresh air, aka free from detention, the speaker Habib Bahar bin Smith giving da’wah about the reward of a person when he dies until the torment of the grave.

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With great coolness, Habib Bahar explained the need for a child to be devoted to his parents even though he had died.

“Devotion to parents is not only during life, but can also be devoted to both parents even though they have died, we can still be filial,” Habib Bahar said in a lecture which was also attended by Habib Reihan Al Qodry, quoted by from the YouTube channel. Repost Da’wah Official, on Thursday, November 25, 2021.

Habib Bahar bin Smith. Photo: Instagram

Habib Bahar explained, one way is to send prayers. This is because when a person dies, his deeds of worship will be cut off. Except during his lifetime, the person concerned sowed the seeds of goodness in the form of knowledge that was beneficial to many people.

But there is also another way, namely by sending prayers so that people who have died continue to receive rewards.

“How can we serve our parents even though they have died? That is by sending a prayer. As in the hadith, the Messenger of Allah said if a person dies or dies, all his deeds of worship are cut off, we cannot pray in the grave, so it will be cut off,” he said.

“Pious children who pray for their parents. So even though his parents are dead, he who is sent by his child can reach his parents in the grave, “he continued.

The story of Prophet Isa AS heard the screams of the grave experts

Gospel illustration.  Photo: UKexpress
Gospel illustration. Photo: UKexpress

He also gave an example as told by Prophet Isa AS when he heard the screams of a grave expert in the tomb.

Prophet Isa also asked God why the screams were heard and suddenly stopped.

“As narrated in the past, in the time of Jesus AS, he was passing by the grave and suddenly heard the screams of the master of the grave. Prophet Isa left, but as soon as he came home, he did not hear the cries and screams anymore. Prophet Isa then asked Allah, ‘O Allah, I passed by here there were screams and screams, but why did I pass by the screams disappeared?’, said Habib Bahar.

Habib Bahar said, the screams of the grave expert were no longer heard because Allah had stopped his punishment and torment.

“God said, ‘I tortured the grave expert because he was a person who likes to sin, commits immorality, but I stopped my punishment, my punishment because he had a child at home reading the Bible, so I stopped the torture and his punishment’,” he said.

Furthermore, the torture of his grave was dismissed because his son was devoted to his parents by sending prayers.

“A child who reads the Bible, Allah will stop the torment and punishment of parents in the grave, so what if our children send prayers and rewards to both parents who have died,” he concluded. Habib Bahar.

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