Accused of Marrying Nick Jonas For Publicity, Priyanka Chopra: I Didn’t Even Know Nick Jonas Was Famous

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NBCNEWS – Priyanka Chopra is back in the spotlight. After omitting her husband’s surname “Jonas” from her Instagram name, she gained attention for her roasts or jokes about Nick Jonas and The Jonas Brothers on her Netflix comedy scene.

Priyanka makes the gossip that accompanies her relationship with Nick Jonas from before marriage to marriage into roasting material. Including the matter of the difference that is quite far between him and Nick, namely Nick is 10 years younger.

“Nick and I have a 10 year age difference, so that’s us. And a lot of pop culture references that she didn’t understand and I had to explain to her… while she taught me how to use TikTok, and I taught her what a successful acting career looks like,” Priyanka Chopra quipped, followed by a laugh. Even Nick took it with an amused laugh.

Then about her marriage, Priyanka didn’t hesitate to say, if she knew people talking about her marriage to Nick Jonas was nothing but a publicity strategy. It is said, Priyanka Chopra took the big name Nick Jonas to track his career in Hollywood. “I don’t even know how famous Nick Jonas was. Serious. As far as I know, he is Kevin Jonas’ little brother. Hahaha,” Priyanka joked.

If he wants to be famous, he even mentions that he has more Instagram followers than his followers from The Jonas Brothers. “There are three of them, doing a combination. But his followers still outnumber my followers. So, in conclusion, the most famous in the Jonas family is @PriyankaChopra,” Priyanka joked again. What do you think, netizens?


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