9 Thai Horror Movie Recommendations That Make Heart Gymnastics. Guaranteed More Relate to Us!

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Horror movies, although scary and upsetting, still have their own charm for most people. The scary sensation will usually be more imprinted if the film has a setting that is close to our daily experiences. The opportunity to be imagined or resounded will certainly be even greater.

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Thailand is a country that is also known as one of the producers of horror films that is not inferior to western horror. Especially considering that these countries both come from Southeast Asia. Surely we will all be more relate while watching it. Here are some recommendations for horror films from Thailand that are ready to make you do heart exercises.

1. “Laddaland” is a horror film that can make you extra careful when moving house. Don’t let you move to a haunted house that can make you crazy

2. The recently released “Inhuman Kiss” tells the story of a ghost in the form of a female head. He likes to eat flesh and blood every night, just like kuyang!


3. Several groups of students prove the myth of “Siam Square” circulating. But this prank turned into a boomerang and made them haunted by evil spirits

4. The film “Alone” tells the story of conjoined twins who eventually separate and one of them dies. Several years later, the ghost of his twin comes back to haunt him and reveals a disturbing truth plot twist

5. Horror wrapped in comedy, “Pee Mak” which was released in 2013 tells the story of a man who has just returned from war and meets his wife who turns out to be a ghost. It’s a mix of funny, horror and emotion


6. Set in a swimming pool, the film “The Swimmer” tells the story of a female ghost who tragically died after being impregnated by her boyfriend’s best friend.

7. “Shutter” which aired in 2004 tells the story of a hit-and-run perpetrator who is haunted by the victim. The shadows are often seen in photos

8. A film that tells the story of a brother whose future is no longer bright because his family is bankrupt. They decide to end their life together, but only one ends up keeping their promise. Witness the horror in the movie “The Promise”

9. Recently released, “The Medium” which tells the story of a family who acts as an intermediary for spirits. This film really gives goosebumps!

Those were some Thai movie recommendations that can certainly make goosebumps goosebumps. With settings which is similar to the situation in Indonesia, of course the tension will be more pronounced!

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