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9 Portraits of Ayu Azhari's Children and Interesting Facts About Him

The figure of Isabel Azhari, Ayu Azhari’s son from a marriage with Mike Tramp is now the center of attention. Why not, besides having grown into a very beautiful adult woman, Isabel also has a sweet voice. This portrait of Ayu Azhari’s child has also been in the spotlight.

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Not only beautiful, this 15-year-old girl also has a very melodious voice. This Danish-Arabic mulatto girl seems to have inherited talent from her father who is known to be the vocalist of the band White Lion.

Several times Isabel has shown her singing ability through videos cover. Besides already showing great talent in the arts, Isabel also has a great interest in design.

Isabel, who has Arab and Danish blood, also attracts attention because she has very beautiful green eyes. Isabel, who is now steady in wearing the hijab, also has face is very similar to Ayu Azhari.

Portrait of Ayu Azhari’s Child Who is Now Stealing Attention

1. Ayu Azhari’s Son from Marriage with Mike Tramp

Ayu Azhari’s Son from Marriage with Mike Tramp (Instagram)

Ayu Azhari married Mike Tramp in 2003. Two years after that, in 2005, Ayu Azhari gave birth to her first child, a girl and named Isabelle Tramp or Isabel Azhari. Isabel Azhari has a younger brother named Lennon Tramp.

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2. Portrait of Ayu Azhari’s son who is a Danish – Arabic – Indian – Indonesian mulatto

Portrait of Ayu Azhari's Child


Isabel Azhari has an Arab Caucasian face because she is a mulatto from four countries at once. From her father, Isabel inherited Danish blood, while from her mother she inherited Arab, Indian and Indonesian blood.

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3. Portrait of Ayu Azhari’s Child Who Is Now Steady in Hijab

Portrait of Ayu Azhari's Child


Since mid-2018, Isabel Azhari has made up her mind to wear a hijab. She also looks beautiful with her hijab in every appearance.

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4. Interested in the world of singing

Good at singing


Isabel Azhari is known to have a melodious voice, this is because she inherited the voice from her father who is a singer and also a former vocalist for the rock band, White Lion.

His talent was apparently passed down from his parents who were artists. It is known that she aspires to become a singer, this is what makes Isabelle pursue singing.

5. Similar and Close to Ayu Azhari

Isabel and Ayu


Bloody Arab-Danish mulatto, Isabel is often referred to as more like her mother. In fact, the closeness of the two is often shared on social media.

Apart from both having beautiful faces, they also look like brothers and sisters. In fact, not even a little netizens who called the two like twins.

Even though each other is busy with different activities, Ayu Azhari and Isabel often take the time to spend time together. The two also look close and compact on various occasions.

6. Choose Azhari’s Last Name

Portrait of Ayu Azhari's Child


Despite being the vocalist child of a legendary metal band from the United States, Mike Tramp, Isabel prefers to use the name Azhari after her name.

7. Portrait of Ayu Azhari’s child who is close to his sister

Isabel and sister


This is a portrait of Isabel and Ayu Azhari together with Lennon Tramp, who is Ayu’s second child from her marriage to Mike Tramp or Isabel’s younger sister. The three of them also look compact on various occasions.

8. Often Offered to Play Sinetron

Isabel Azhari


Like her mother, since she was little, Isabelle has often received offers to shoot and follow casting.

Even though she received an offer to work in the entertainment industry, Isabel is not yet interested in being offered a soap opera project stripping. He reasoned, wanted to focus on school.

9. Batik Fashion Designer

Fashion designer


Even though he often sings and singscover song, it turns out that Isabelle has talent in other fields, to be precise the world fashion.

With a touch of her hand, Isabelle also doubles as a batik fashion designer in her business.

That’s the figure Isabel Azhari, Ayu Azhari’s daughter from her marriage to Mike Tramp. The portrait of Ayu Azhari’s child who is growing up is indeed stealing attention, right? Parents!

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