8 Portraits of Nachika Septalia’s Sister Connected to Vanessa Angel, Used to Say Similar Now Blasphemed! | NBCNEWS

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Dream – Two sisters of the late Vanessa Angel suddenly became the spotlight after their debut single titled ‘Yesterday’ in memory of their late brother. They are Vanessa’s younger siblings, Mayang and Nachika Septalia, aka Chika, who is a close sister.

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Both of them were flicked by the netters because they seemed to take advantage of the moment of their brother’s departure for popularity. Not only that, Chika was also criticized by netizens because it was considered to be insinuating Fuji, who was none other than Aunt Andriansyah’s younger brother. He alludes to an innocent face but an evil character.

Since then, Chika’s figure has often been in the spotlight of netizens. Curious about how this Chika figure? Check out the photo below!

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