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stuck in helicopter parenting

Every parent wants to give the best for their child, so that without realizing it, parents are too dictating and helping children to find solutions to all problems without allowing children to learn to solve their own problems. If these parenting habits continue to be allowed, parents can be trapped helicopter parenting.

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Simply, helicopter parenting is a type of parenting that is too excessive in paying attention to children’s lives in all aspects. Analogy helicopter taken because in this parenting model, parents act like helicopters that always fly over the child’s head and monitor all the behavior and actions of the child.

Mention helicopter parenting it began to be used in 2000 when many parents at various universities in America complained about their children’s grades to their professors. In helicopter parenting, parents act like children’s personal assistants, they will prepare all school equipment, prepare uniforms, to do craft assignments, so that children always look perfect.

If this parenting pattern continues, there will be many consequences, one of which is that children will have fewer competitive advantages when they grow up compared to their friends who grow up independently.

In addition, when growing up, children who experience helicopter parenting it will be difficult to regulate itself, it will be difficult to adapt, it is difficult to regulate its emotions, it does not have innovation and initiative because all this time it is used to depend on parents. Then, what should parents do so they don’t get trapped? helicopter parenting?

1. Believe in Children’s Ability

Parents must believe in their children’s abilities, let them explore with their abilities. Parents do not need to interfere by dictating children to do A, B, or C. Just believe in their children’s abilities, then children will be more confident in themselves.

For example, when a child gets a craft assignment from school, let the child be creative with his abilities, whether later he will get good grades or standard grades, the important thing is that it is the result of the child’s own abilities.

2. Let Children Solve Their Problems On Their Own

Give children space to solve their own problems, just invite children to discuss in solving the problem. Parents only need to direct, don’t take over the decision making that can actually be done by the child.

For example, when a child breaks a friend’s toy, invite the child to discuss what should be done, so that the child can make the right decision for the problem.

3. Get used to children to be independent

Get used to children to be independent, including when at home. Train children to tidy up their own rooms, prepare their own school equipment, and prepare their own uniforms. Parents do not need to prepare everything for children because it will make children not independent and too dependent on parents.

If the child is late for school or there are school equipment left behind because he did not prepare his school equipment properly, there is no need to help him, let the child occasionally get punished from school. This will be a lesson so that in the future children can be more disciplined.

4. Don’t Force Parents’ Will

stuck in helicopter parenting

Let the child get used to making decisions, the child has a will, as long as the will is good and does not harm him, parents do not need to force their choice. By allowing children to get used to making decisions, it will foster a sense of confidence and responsibility in children.

5. Don’t Compare Kids So You Don’t Get Trapped Helicopter Parenting

Every child has intelligence, creativity and different growth and development. Do not judge children and compare children with other children, including with their own siblings, just because they have different abilities. Just accompany the child and give encouragement that the child can do what is his goal.

6. Stop Normalizing Children’s Mistakes

‘Well, the names are also children’, have you ever heard this kind of saying? The habit of normalizing a child’s mistakes just because he is still a child can boomerang for his future life. Children will become more selfish because they feel that their bad behavior is not their fault. Especially if he has parents who continue to defend him, even when he is wrong. Then the child will feel superior to the power of his parents.

Those are some things parents need to do so they don’t get stuck in Helicopter Parenting. As a parent, you have to be wiser, don’t overprotect your child and serve all your child’s needs, because that kind of parenting will make your child like a glass ball that is prone to breaking. Let the child be more independent, so that when he grows up he is better prepared to face the future.

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