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6 Moments of Haru Aqiqah and the Thanksgiving of Arief Muhammad's Second Child

Happiness is enveloping the family of YouTuber and homeland celebrity, Arief Muhammad and Tiara Pangestika. They were blessed with a second child on November 11, 2021, both of them just celebrated aqiqah for their beautiful daughter. The various portraits of Arief Muhammad’s child thanksgiving have also been shared by both of them through the Instagram social media page.

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Right at the age of the little one who stepped on 2 weeks, aqiqah was seen being carried out at their residence. What is her daughter’s aqiqah moment like?

Moments of Haru and Happy Aqiqah Thanksgiving for Arief Muhammad’s Second Child

These are the moments of happiness during the aqiqah of Arief Muhammad’s second child.

1. The moment of shaving hair during aqiqah

Photo source: Arief Muhammad’s Instagram

The aqiqah atmosphere, which was not visited by many guests, seemed to be running smoothly. There was a moment when the little one was shaved, as one of a series of events to celebrate the birth of the baby. Dressed in all white, the little one looked calm and fell asleep during the event.

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2. The moment in the arms of the father

6 Moments of Haru Aqiqah and the Thanksgiving of Arief Muhammad's Second Child

Photo source: Instagram Tiara Pangestika

Both wearing white clothes, this father and daughter are very compact, yes. Using a white ribbon bandana, your little one looks beautiful and charming.

3. Posing with his mother

Arief Muhammad's Thanksgiving

Photo source: Instagram Tiara Pangestika

Not to forget, the baby, named Mecca Ayu Amanjiva, also posed with his beloved mother. Still not awake and still calm, here!

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4. Complete pose with family at Arief Muhammad’s Children’s Thanksgiving moment

Arief Muhammad's Thanksgiving

Photo source: Instagram Tiara Pangestika

This little family is so happy at the moment of the little one’s aqiqah. Little Ibrahim also smiled, posing with his parents and sister.

5. Colorful aqiqah event

Arief Muhammad's Thanksgiving

Photo source: Instagram Tiara Pangestika

Together with other family members, they also capture the moment together with a colorful background of aqiqah decorations. Seen stunning, yes!

6. Attractive decorations dominant in pastel colors in Arief Muhammad’s Children’s Thanksgiving Event

Arief Muhammad's Thanksgiving

Photo source: Instagram Tiara Pangestika

Full of colorful balloons, the aqiqah decorations also look beautiful and festive. There is Aqiqah writing and the name of the little one printed quite large. This can be an inspiration for parents!

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In addition to the name of the little one who is beautiful in three syllables, his name also has a deep meaning. Arief and Tika have also shared the meaning of their little one’s name in their social media.

“Mecca, or the Holy City of Mecca, which will always have a special place in our hearts, will always be missed, and always admired for its sacredness and beauty,” said Tiara Pangestika.

“Ayu, a reflection of the elegance, tenderness, sincerity, and beauty of a woman’s personality. Amanjiva, or Safe Soul and Life. A safe soul, a quiet life.” he said again.

“Mami Papi hopes that your soul and life will always feel safe, free from threats, and all disturbances. Hopefully this name can be a good prayer for you to face this world that is not always friendly, son, “ he concluded.

Apart from holding an event at his residence, uniquely Arief also distributed 10,000 Aci meatballs to the people of Indonesia. The food which is the line of business is distributed on November 23-24.

Those are various portraits of the moment of thanksgiving for Arief Muhammad’s second child. Let’s just pray that your little one can grow up healthy, happy, and become a proud child of their parents.


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