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Towards the end of the year more and more superhero films will be released soon. Surely this is a good opportunity to watch with family. But you need to know, it turns out that not all superhero-themed films can be watched by children. The reason is because there are explicit content that is not suitable for the child’s age. Then, what are the new films and old films with superhero themes that should not be watched by children? Here’s the list.

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5 Superhero Movies Not for Kids to Watch

This series of superhero-themed films contains explicit content that is not suitable for consumption by children. The explicit content category is very broad. Some are prohibited because of the use of abusive language to displaying excessive acts of violence for children. That’s why as a parent you are also required to be careful in sorting out this spectacle.

To make your work easier, here are some superhero-themed films that children should not watch:

1. Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021)

Unlike the Justice League which has been released and can be watched by children, the version of director’s cut This release includes films that fall into the adult age category. The reason is, the director Zack Snyder includes several sadistic scenes such as when Steppenwolf the villain slaughters his enemies.

Not only that, there are many obscenities spoken by the Batman character in this film. Justice League has a PG-13 rating so it can still be enjoyed by children, but not with the latest version.

2. Birds of Prey (2020), Superhero Movie Full of Violent Scenes

5 Superhero Movies That Kids Shouldn't Watch

After successfully playing the character of Harley Quinn in the film Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie is believed to be the main character in the film Birds of Prey. There are many violent scenes that are shown brutally here. Even this film is touted as the first DCEU production film to get an R rating.

So it is natural that children are prohibited from watching this film considering the character of Harley Quinn who is reckless and far from the image of a benevolent superhero. Throughout the film, the audience is also treated to various swearing, as well as some forbidden scenes. Some of them are scenes involving illegal drugs to sexual scenes.

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3. Logan (2017)

superhero movies

The film, which is based on the X-Men universe, is one of the best and has received a positive response from the audience. Raising the points of a darker story, it’s no wonder that this film gets an adult rating. In addition, the many scenes of brutal violence are considered quite sad even for adults.

Logan is Hugh Jackman’s last game as Wolverine. His figure is said to have lost the ability to regenerate. This makes the Wolverine overwhelmed when dealing with enemies.

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4. Deadpool (2016), Superhero Movies Not Suitable for Children

5 Superhero Movies That Kids Shouldn't Watch

This anti-hero film full of dark jokes successfully entertained the audience when it was first released. Ryan Reynolds managed to portray the character of Deadpool very well. Deadpool’s character in this film is really unpredictable and unmitigated when it comes to eradicating his enemies.

That’s why in this film there is a lot of brutal action. Not to mention the Deadpool character who likes to throw adult jokes and say dirty things. This film also has adult scenes that are not suitable for children to watch.

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5. Dredd (2012)

5 Superhero Movies That Kids Shouldn't Watch

This film plays a lot of camera angles so that it adds to the excitement in every scene. Karl Urban plays a superhero character very nicely, deserves appreciation for his action. Unfortunately, because of the many brutal scenes, this film is not recommended for children.

Tips for those of you who want to choose a film, you should first check the rating given for the film. Also watch the official trailer released by the production house. If it’s child-friendly, you can invite them to watch a superhero movie together.

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