5 Nature Tourism in Jogja Very Instagenic and Beautifully Stunning

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Tourism in Yogyakarta

NBCNEWS – Yogyakarta is always something I miss. The culture and cuisine always makes you miss. The friendliness of the people makes this area even more special. Not only that, Jogja also offers various charms that can be enjoyed by all ages and circles.

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Want to relax and get back to nature, or be creative in contemporary tourism? Yogyakarta has it all. Especially now that Yogyakarta International Airport is operational and ready to make it easier for you to explore Gudeg City. In April 2020, this new airport is ready to serve international flights.
There is no word “boring” when talking about holidays in Jogja.

1. Beautiful and beautiful seaside park: Ngrawe Beach

The Gunung Kidul area is a paradise for beautiful beaches in Jogja. Well, Ngrawe itself is the newest beach and has its own charm that can attract tourists to come. Uniquely, this park is equipped with white benches and is decorated with neatly lined palm trees. Just like abroad. Not only that, this beach is also white sand, making sure you feel at home playing in the water for a long time.

Photo Via Arif_josselalu, Faat_0503, Suhermansu_21

Ngrawe is also known as the Friendly Beach. So don’t be surprised if you see many couples who choose this beach as a witness to their love journey by making it a pre-wedding location.

Tourism in Yogyakarta

Photo Via Instangrawe, Ndiwahyoedi, Bellbie_jahad, Kristinagstna

Ngrawe Beach is still under development. In the future, of course, the facilities will be more complete. The facilities currently available include gazebos, food stalls, bathrooms, and clean prayer rooms.

Ngrawe Beach
Entrance Ticket: IDR 10,000 per person | Motorcycle parking, IDR 3,000 | Bathroom, IDR 3,000
Address: Kukup Beach, Ngepung, Kemadang, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta. Coordinate here.
Operating Hours: 24 hours
2. Down Jogja’s Amazon River: Cikal Combat Park

If you are curious about how it feels to walk along the Amazon River in America, you can try it in Jogja. Yes, Taman Tempuran Cikal is indeed dubbed the Amazon of Jogja. You can enjoy the natural beauty around by walking along the river while playing canoe or speedboat.

Tourism in Yogyakarta

Photo Via Ziahdjailani, Amuna.laila, Inoeng_27, Soeman_photowork

Cikal Tempuran Park is the hope of the villagers who have turned the watershed (Watershed) into a beautiful tourist spot. Cikal Hamlet residents work together to provide various facilities. From stalls, to outbound rides, such as mini trails.

The atmosphere is still very beautiful, the river is also surrounded by bamboo forests, as well as decorations made by local artists. The cool feeling is getting stronger. In addition, all entrance tickets to the rides are priced cheaply. Perfect for the next family vacation. Access is also easy, can be reached by four-wheeled vehicles.

Tourism in Yogyakarta

Photo Via Datyas

The manager said that this Jogja tourist spot is under development. Later there will be homestays and tours by wagon. Very interesting, right?

Cikal Combat Park
Admission: Voluntary | Boat, IDR 10,000 | ATV, IDR 10,000 | Canoe, IDR 5,000
Address: Cikal, Srimulyo, Piyungan District, Bantul, Yogyakarta.
Phone: 0858 4062 5573
Operating Hours: Monday-Friday, 10.00 – 16.30 | Saturday-Sunday, 07.00 – 17.00

3. Enjoy a magical morning in Jogja while rock climbing: Selopamioro Adventure Park

You can also feel the river with natural panoramas at Selopamioro Adventure Park. This tourist spot, also known as SPark, is relatively new, but it has flooded with enthusiasts because the prices are pocket-friendly.

Tourism in Yogyakarta

Photo Via Ekkapuspita34, Pinkanbeby34, Maspeot_, Sitii_nurjanahh_

Jogja Tourism, which is located on the Oya River, offers visitors a taste of various rides, from outbound, rafting, to river crossing by canoe and shaded by the shade of teak trees. Adrenaline tourism lovers can wait for the rock climbing rides that are being built. Can’t wait, huh?

Apart from family, you can also invite your playmates to try out all the rides. Traditional, but never less exciting. There are clogs racing, water relay, mud tug of war, stilts racing, as well as water bikes. Photo lovers are also provided with instagenic spots on the banks of the river, such as the miniature of Tugu Jogja.

Tourism in Yogyakarta

Photo Via Pinkanbeby34, Boneytha_tambun, Tina_leo20

Tourism in Yogyakarta

Photo Via _En_tong, Dhiaz_anggie, Al_labarisala

How, have you imagined the fun?

Selopamioro Adventure Park
Admission: Voluntary | Rafting, IDR 10,000/person | Guide, IDR 10,000
Address: Jetis, RT.04, Hamlet 1, Selopamioro, Imogiri District, Bantul, Yogyakarta.
Phone: 0857 6927 5887 | 0822 4317 3915
Operating Hours: 08.00 – 18.00

4. No less beautiful than Kyoto, Japan: Kalinampu Pundong

Who would have thought that a plant pest like water hyacinth could look so beautiful as a photo background? The blooming flowers can actually make the visitors feel like they are in Japan.

Tourism in Yogyakarta

Photo Via Lisasft

This new tourist spot on the Opak River, Yogyakarta is enhanced by the presence of a Japanese-style gate known as Torii. Plus, the manager and local residents provide rental kimonos, umbrellas, and Japanese-style fans. If you are interested in posing in this viral spot on social media, come when the sun is at its highest. The blooming water hyacinth flowers will bud when the sun goes down.

Tourism in Yogyakarta

Photo Via Putriay_ri, Mitha_miftaa

Tourism in Yogyakarta

Photo Via Danangnurwakhid

Kalinampu Pundong
Entrance Ticket: Ticket includes parking fee, motorbike, IDR 5,000 | Car, IDR 10,000 | Kimono rental, IDR 25,000/set per 30 minutes
Address: Kalinampu Hamlet, Seloharjo Village, Pundong District, Yogyakarta.
Operational Hours: 08.00 – 18.00 WIB

5. A dazzling two-colored waterfall: Kedung Pedut Waterfall

If you and your partner both have a hobby of adventure, then stop at this waterfall. The location of this waterfall is quite remote, at the bottom of the Menoreh Hills valley. But its beauty and uniqueness is undeniable.

The interesting thing about this waterfall is the two different natural colors, namely clear white and turquoise green.
In addition to these two colors, what makes this waterfall more unique is the existence of a ‘kedung’ or natural pool with a depth of about an adult’s chest.

Tourism in Yogyakarta

Photo Via Rifkiantariksa, Fendys7, Dhian_hardjodisastro, Kazuki

If you really bring a change of clothes, there’s nothing wrong with trying to swim in this Kedung Kedut. The latest, there is now a helicopter replica with a charming waterfall background that can be your photo spot. You can also try the flying fox and space bike with the surrounding scenery.

Kedung Pedut Kulonprogo
Entrance Ticket: IDR 5,000/pax | Car park, IDR 10,000 | Float rental, IDR 10,000 | Locker rental, IDR 15,000
Address: Kembang Hamlet, Jatimulyo Village, Girimulyo District, Kulonprogo Regency.
Phone: 0852 2591 1011

6. Enjoy the luxury of twilight while watching a musical performance: The Peak of the Figure

Maybe you are tired of listening to music in a cafe. Well, Puncak Gambar could be the next option. This tour presents musical performances with a mountainous background. You can roll out the mat and enjoy it with your loved ones. Sunset at the Peak of the Figure is one of the mainstays on offer. Make sure to come since the afternoon, yes.

Tourism in Yogyakarta

Photo Via Suryojdb, Ber_lien, Irfanfauzijp11

When not covered in fog, you can see the valor of Mount Subing Sundoro, Merapi Merbabu, and other mountains. This tourist spot is equipped with Instagramable wooden stalls. You can rest easy because the prices for food and drinks are very affordable.

Tourism in Yogyakarta

Photo Via Heri_tz, Joe_annes, Gandi_wp

Tips: Make sure to use a prime vehicle because the road is uphill. It’s better to use a motorbike because access is only enough for 1 car.

Peak Figure
Admission: Admission + Parking, volunteer | Mat Rental, IDR 5,000
Address: Jambon, Bawuran, Pleret District, Bantul, Yogyakarta.
Phone: 0856 4314 9900
Operating Hours: Weekdays, 15.00 – 00.00 | Weekends, 05.00 – 00.00

Written by Melisa Findiana

Helped by Riri Anggraheni
TriCanvas Indonesia

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