4 Safe Sex Positions in the Bathroom

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NBCNEWS, Every couple, it is important to improvise in sexual intercourse, by changing the atmosphere and location of making love. One thing you and your partner can try is making love in the bathroom.

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Moreover, if it is done under a handshower shower, it will definitely cause its own sensation.

Although categorized as safe, there are things that must be considered when having sex in the bathroom. One of them is the possibility of slipping because of the slippery floor.

Well, to be safer and more passionate, here are 4 safe sex positions in the bathroom, quoted from various sources.

doggy style

Doggy Style is one of the sex positions, which you can choose when making love in the bathroom.

No need to lie down, you just put a pedestal on your feet and put your palms on the bathroom wall or sink. Then, you just need to bend down and your partner can penetrate right away.

However, make sure that the wall or sink is not wet, because the walls, floor and sink are not wet, because it can cause slippery and endanger the partner, especially for women.

Position with back to partner

To get a different sensation of making love, you can turn your back to your partner, without having to bend down like doggy style.

Then, ask your partner to stand right behind you and slightly lift your legs to make it easier for your partner to penetrate. This position can open the possibility of penetration in Miss V.

The “sitting” position in the bathroom

You can do this sex position, if there is a bathtub, sitting closet or floor, which is not slippery in your bathroom.

How to do it, you only need to ask your partner to sit on the edge of the bathtub or sitting closet. Then, you sit on your partner like on your lap, and feel a deeper penetration in miss V,

The position of “raising” one leg

In addition to doggy style or your back to your partner, you can do sex activities in the bathroom, by lifting one leg.

How to do it, you only need to stand facing your partner and then lift your feet to stand on the bathtub or the edge of the sitting closet, making it easier for couples to penetrate.[]


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