4 Portraits of Fuji and Mayang’s Fighting Style, Vanessa Angel’s Sisters Who Steal Attention

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Portrait of Fuji Momong Gala Sky (Instagram/@fuji_an)

These two close relatives of Vanessa Angel have often been compared. What’s their style like?

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Nur Khotimah

Thursday, November 25, 2021 | 12:14 pm

NBCNEWS – The name of Vanessa Angel, who has died with her husband, Aunt Ardiansyah, is still ongoing become a public discussion. Until now, news about the bereaved family continues to be in the spotlight, including Fuji and Mayang, Vanessa Angel’s younger siblings.

Mayang, who is Vanessa Angel’s younger sister, is known to have just released a music video for her new song. However, the public considered that the release of the song was too soon considering that the family was still grieving the passing of the late Vanessa Angel. Recently, Mayang has even been compared to Fuji, Aunt Ardiansyah’s sister.

Aunt Ardiansyah’s sister, Fuji, Momong Gala Sky (Instagram/@fuji_an)

Mayang herself admits that she has always been blasphemed, while Fuji has been praised in abundance. He is also said to be close to his nephew, Gala Sky, who is closer to Fuji and his other Aunt’s sister. Mayang does not deny that she is not very close to Gala because she lives in a different house.

Regarding her always being compared to Fuji, Mayang said that they didn’t know each other very well. Netizens are still comparing these two Vanessa Angel relatives. So what if their styles were compared? Here’s a portrait of Fuji and Mayang’s fighting style!

1. Elegant Style

Fuji and Mayang Style Combat.  (Instagram/@fuji_an/@puput_soedrajat)
Fuji and Mayang Style Combat. (Instagram/@fuji_an/@puput_soedrajat)

Fuji had time to share his elegant portrait in a Balinese kebaya. Aunt Ardiansyah’s younger sister visited Bali and took photos in traditional clothes. Fuji sat sweetly while posing beautifully showing off his graceful charm. Many praised her beauty in photos.

Mayang’s graceful style is shown through her appearance in a robe. Doddy Soedrajat’s daughter exudes a graceful and very understated charm. Sitting next to his beloved father, Mayang smiled his charming sweet smile.

2. Wear a white dress

Fuji and Mayang Style Combat.  (Instagram/@fuji_an/@puput_soedrajat)
Fuji and Mayang Style Combat. (Instagram/@fuji_an/@puput_soedrajat)

The styles of Fuji and Mayang can be said to be very different. While Fuji often looks cool and sometimes sexy, Mayang is more simple and calm. It can be seen from the style they wear dress white on different occasions.

Around last August, Fuji showed off his beautiful portrait in a dress dress White off-shoulder who showed off her smooth shoulders. Unlike Fuji, Mayang with dress the white looks more muted. Mayang wears dress white for promotional purposes single new.

3. With Vanessa Angel

Fuji and Mayang Style Combat.  (Instagram/@fuji_an/@puput_soedrajat)
Fuji and Mayang Style Combat. (Instagram/@fuji_an/@puput_soedrajat)

As is known, Fuji is Vanessa Angel’s sister-in-law. While Mayang is Vanessa’s younger sister. Despite the frequent comparisons recently, both Fuji and Mayang had a close relationship with the deceased. Although not as often as Fuji, Mayang took several photos with Vanessa.

Together with Fuji, Vanessa looks closer, maybe because of the same house. They even put together a funny expression. In her selfie with Mayang, Vanessa smiles beautifully. Both of them are wearing the same colored clothes it seems dress code for events.

4. Casual Style

Fuji and Mayang Style Combat.  (Instagram/@fuji_an/@puput_soedrajat)
Fuji and Mayang Style Combat. (Instagram/@fuji_an/@puput_soedrajat)

Fuji’s casual style may look cooler than Mayang’s because of the additional accessories she wears, from necklaces to cute belts. When viewed from the appearance, this is not a home style. It is just mix and match t-shirt and jeans make the style look more casual.

Mayang’s casual style is simpler. He only wears T shirts black and perfunctory makeup when celebrating his father’s birthday. If you look closely, Mayang doesn’t seem to be wearing any makeup at all. But it is undeniable that the casual and natural style looks better for him.

Those were some portraits of Fuji and Mayang’s style fighting, Vanessa Angel’s sisters, which netizens have often compared. Which style do you prefer? Fuji or Mayang?

Contributor: Chusnul Chotimah


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