The moment Theo Hernandez stepped on the Atletico Madrid logo, made fans angry

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“Spending 10 years in the Atletico youth team and coming back to stamp on the club logo?”

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NBCNEWS – Atlético Madrid’s match with AC Milan at the Estadio Wanda Metropolitano, Thursday (25/11/2021) early in the morning, not only caused drama on the pitch, but also in cyberspace. One of them is related to the sacred Los Colchoneros logo.

Every football club has traditions, taboos, and rules that everyone follows. If in Liverpool the players will touch the words This is Anfield in the hallway to the field, then at Atletico Madrid there is a tradition not to step on the club logo on the side of the field. Anyone who stepped on it, including the opponent, would receive blasphemy. For example, Theo Hernandez.

Hernandez drew anger from fans and the net of Atletico supporters. In fact, El Chiringuito TV was not happy with the fact that Hernandez walked across the Atletico badge as he was about to enter the dressing room hallway.

There was anger that the full-back was seen as deliberately stepping on the logo as a symbol of humiliation. The reason is, how could Hernandez not know the rules because he had spent 10 years with Atletico as a junior player?

“An image that will anger Atletico fans. Theo Hernandez was at Atletico for 10 years and is now back to step on the emblem at the Wanda Metropolitano,” wrote El Chiringuito TV on Twitter.

The caption and image of course caused a stir on social media. Most believed that it was a misguided and deliberate attempt to anger Los Colchoneros fans. While some people relate to Hernandez’s past who has also been at Real Madrid.

Top 10 Fastest Footballers in the World Right Now

For Atletico, not stepping on the club logo is a tradition that must be carried out by friends and foes alike. A few years ago, for example, Alvaro Morata asked Kieran Trippier not to walk on that logo when he left the pitch to enter the dressing room.

At that time, Trippier had just joined the club. The England right-back was also not aware of what was being done. Luckily, Morata reacted quickly and asked Trippier to stay away from the club crest. And, the advice is followed so that the player avoids problems.

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