The DKI Jakarta MUI cyber force immediately jumps in to defend Anies, if this one thing happens – NBCNEWS

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Governor Anies Baswedan

DKI Jakarta MUI has been criticized here and there for preparing cyber troops to defend Anies Baswedan. The General Chairperson of the DKI Jakarta MUI, KH Munahar Muchtar, argued that what was wrong with defending Anies, if there was a hoax that attacked Anies, it had to be straightened out so that it wouldn’t become a hoax.

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In addition to defending Anies, the DKI Jakarta MUI cyber troop is dedicated to attacking the buzzer that hit the ulama.

DKI Jakarta MUI cyber force moves to defend Anies

KH Munahar said it doesn’t seem a problem why the DKI MUI straightens out the news about Anies. He gave an example if someone finds fault with Anies in his work, what’s wrong with the Jakarta MUI troops coming down to promote Anies’ success, as a counterattack on Anies’ fault finder.

Governor Anies Baswedan. Instagram photo @aniesbaswedan

“What’s wrong with it on the one hand, we raise the success,” said KH Munahar in an interview with TV One, Sunday night, November 21, 2021.

He said cyber troop MUI DKI not only move to defend Anies and the ulama. In principle, these troops will defend any figures in Jakarta who do good for DKI Jakarta.

“What’s wrong with us working with them, not just with Anies,” he said.

KH Munahar explained how MUI DKI troops this will move to defend Anies.

“So if the attack is not clear, at least we can straighten something that is not clear so that it becomes straight. That’s also the task of the MUI to enforce the rules of good and evil, right,” said KH Munahar.

He emphasized that cyber troops would take revenge, not Anies alone.

“For example (attacks) from people like Ade Armando. Yes, first see what is published. If the language is good in the context of the future progress of Jakarta. Once again, whatever it is, if it’s good, we’ll accept it. If it’s not good, we’ll straighten it out, lest the local people get confused and restless,” said Munahar.

Cyber ​​Army MUI DKI

The DKI Jakarta Indonesian Ulema Council or MUI DKI is ready to form a cyber troop to attack the demonstrators buzzer slayer of scholars. No kidding, this cyber troop was seriously prepared long ago at the Jakarta MUI Infokom meeting.

Rapai Infokom MUI DKI discussing the formation of cyber troops
Rapai Infokom MUI DKI discussing the formation of cyber troops.’s photo

Formation cyber troop This is a manifestation of the principle of inviting the truth and preventing munkar or commanding makruf nahi munkar.

In his message, KH Munahar also hoped that Infokom and the DKI MUI extended family would be able to defend and assist the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Rasyid Baswedan who has worked hard for the people of the capital.

If the buzzers look for Anies’ fault, then Infokom will highlight Anies’ success, both nationally and internationally.

“He includes 21 World Heroes. For the news, I asked the DKI MUI to appoint it because we are partners with the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government,” said Munahar.

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