While Crying, Nirina Zubir Calls Her Mother Unsettled When She Dies

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NBCNEWSNirina Zubir sad and devastated when he learned that his mother, Cut Indria Martini, had become a victim of the land mafia. The problem was only known to Nirina when her mother passed away in 2019.

In a press conference held in the Antasari area, South Jakarta, Wednesday (17/11), Nirina Zubir revealed that six certificates belonging to the deceased were embezzled by her household assistant, Riri Khasmita.

“Initially, my mother thought the letter was lost, so she asked the household member from 2009 to help with the paperwork. Instead of being taken care of, it turned out that she secretly exchanged all the letters with her personal name,” said Nirina Zubir.

Of the six land titles embezzled by Riri Khasmita, two of them have been sold by Riri Khasmita. “Six letters were exchanged with them, some were pledged to the bank and some were sold. We suspect that the money was used for the frozen chicken business, which already has five branches,” he said. Nirina Zubir.

According to Nirina Zubir, in carrying out his evil actions, Riri Khasmita was assisted by the Land Deed Making Officer (PPAT) in the West Jakarta area. As a result of this action, Nirina said her mother died in an uneasy condition.

“So indeed he asked for help at an age he forgot. But what I’m upset about, sorry, it’s a bit emotional, my mother died two years ago uncomfortably. She has a note that my money is there, but where is it? Then the letter hasn’t It’s over. I’m grateful that my mother didn’t get sick, but there is still pain in my heart because it was the business of the closest people to my mother who did this,” said Nirina Zubir, crying.

Nirina Zubir have reported this incident to the Polda Metro Jaya. Five people have been named as suspects. Apart from Riri Khasmita, her husband named Edrianto also played a role in this issue.

Meanwhile Farida, a notary PPAT Tangerang who helped Riri Khasmita to manage the transfer of assets of Nirina Zubir’s mother, has also been named a suspect and detained.


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