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Songbird (2020) is a film that tells the story of human life in 2021 with the COVID-19 pandemic running rampant and a group of people who have to live in an atmosphere of martial law, quarantine and vigilantism for some reason.

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This utopian film illustrates that the world is very dark for people who do not have immunity to COVID disease, their lives are very limited and confined to their homes or places of shelter every day. As for those who have immunity to COVID disease, on average they work as a delivery person, as are the main characters in the storyline of this film.

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Nico, played by KJ Apa, gets acquainted virtually with Sara, played by Sofia Carson. Chats, stories every day finally raise the seeds of love between the two of them, and finally they agree to, one day, will leave the city and move to a more open place and of course without the spread of the COVID virus around them.

Sara lives alone with her grandmother in an apartment building, which one day was given a special label, due to a significant increase in COVID cases among its residents.


Unexpectedly, Sara’s grandmother was eventually suspected of contracting the virus and eventually died. but Sarah is still healthy and not experiencing serious things. However, the law of martial law in the city, is that people who are related to “COVID patients” will still be brought and put into certain areas, where those who live there can be ascertained that they are COVID-19 sufferers and are described as having a very bad life there.

Nico doesn’t accept this reality and tries his best to get him and Sara out of town.

In terms of premise, the film can be said to relate to current conditions regarding the COVID pandemic, as well as about love. inseparable. This is a strong premise, but in the execution there are several plot holes that make this film can be enjoyed without high expectations.

It’s a sweet love story and lots of action scenes with motorbikes and drones. The sides of politics , power and humanity appear a little in this film . However, it is not explored in depth, because the main focus is on the love story and how to get Nico and Sara back together.

The accompanying characters appear as they are and are a bit dark, this is what makes the work of director Adam Mason feel tense, because inevitably the audience who witnessed it felt close to this condition.


Songbird (2020) film tells the story of utopia when the COVID pandemic is rampant and changes human social order

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