So that you don’t fall into the trap, here are things you must avoid when using Paylater

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ACCURATE.CO Paylater is one of the most widely used payment facilities. This can be seen from the number of companies that provide these services over the past few years.

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Not only practical, paylater also offers a fast application process. You don’t have to wait up to a week or two for this application process to be completed.

If you intend to apply for a paylater, make sure you know this product well before submitting it.

Similar to other financial products, you will also be given the freedom to use this paylater, such as buying various desired products. Then, pay for it using the installment feature.

This looks easy and fun, but of course it must still be carefully planned. Because, you must always remember that all bills in the paylater are debts that must be paid (paid off) back.

Submit a paylater with the right understanding and method, so as not to experience problems when using it.

However, until now there are still many people who make mistakes when they want to use paylater.

The following are some mistakes that must be avoided when applying for paylater facilities:

1. Not doing the comparison first


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