Yoga while being ‘accompanied’ by a Buddha statue, Ariel Tatum’s religion is in the spotlight of netizens

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Ariel Tatum.  Photo: Instagram

Actress and singer Ariel Tatum has recently been in the spotlight of netizens about their religion. The reason, Ariel uploaded a short video when he was doing yoga. In the videoThere are also ornaments of Buddha statues placed in various corners of the room.

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This also inevitably makes citizens become wrong focus. Many assume that Ariel Tatum is a Buddhist. Not a few also questioned him about religion.

“Just found out that Ariel Tatum Buddha,” said one netizen.
“Seriously asking ariel Islam or non-Muslim?”
“In his house there is a statue, the angel of grace does not want to enter it”
“Sorry, what’s your religion?”

Ariel herself only gives caption short in his upload, ‘Home’. He did not respond to comments from netizens who questioned his religion.

Of course, many netizens also praised Ariel Tatum’s beauty and appearance.

Ariel Tatum's upload.  Photo: Instagram
Ariel Tatum’s upload. Photo: Instagram

“Whatever style you want, you still look sexy, it’s not artificial, it’s natural, I just like to see how the girls look at it,” said one netizen.
“Always impressed, thank you Ka Ariel.”

In fact, there are also netizens who also tease Ariel Tatum as follows. “When we are legal. I guess it will be the most beautiful thing I will always accompany you at home starting from reading books, yoga, exercising to swimming and then spending a cup of coffee together.

Ariel Tatum.  Photo: Instagram @arieltatum
Ariel Tatum. Photo: Instagram @arieltatum

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