Wearing a surgical cap, Vanessa Angel’s child’s condition is in the spotlight: Why Gala?

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The Gala activities of the late son Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah are still being highlighted. After calling her mother with a smile, Gala is now highlighted about her appearance.

In one photo, Gala can be seen being carried by her sister, Fuji. He looks spoiled and shows a sad face.

Gala seems to be busy sucking while half asleep. He looks cute and adorable when he is with his aunt.

In another photo, Gala shows off her face like she’s been crying. He appears to be wearing a protective cap for surgery patients and is suspected to be in hospital.

Fuji had teased Gala who looked like a mushroom for wearing a patient-style hat. “Mushroom sulking,” joked Vanessa’s sister-in-law.


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