Want Controlled Blood Sugar? Take note of the 5 Pillars of Diabetes You Must Follow!

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NBCNEWS, Jakarta —

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Diabetes, which is characterized by soaring blood sugar levels, must be taken seriously. Because, if not treated, diabetes can be a trigger for other serious diseases.

People who have been diagnosed with diabetes must change their lifestyle so that blood sugar levels can be controlled.

A specialist in internal medicine metabolic endocrine consultant from the Indonesian Endocrinology Association (PERKENI), Prof. DR. dr. Sidartawan, SpPD-KEMD, FINASIM., explained several pillars that diabetics must adhere to.

Anything? Come on, look carefully, yes!

Arrange meal

Diabetics must be able to regulate their diet. Pay attention to the type of food consumed, the amount of food consumed, and the schedule for consuming food.

“Indeed, there is no special diet, so it is important for us to be able to regulate our food,” said dr. Sidartawan in Kalbe’s virtual media gathering event on Tuesday (17/11/2021).


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