Viditi Presents Shoes with various models and imported quality, Auto Women fall in love with the design

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NBCNEWS – There are various unique facts about shoes from historical aspects to women’s footwear research. Some of them are shared by Viditi’s fashion line through her Instagram account, which is followed by more than 70 thousand people. One of them, high heels first appeared in the 17th century and were worn by men to show their social status. Then there is research that says, women in America have an average of 19 pairs of shoes in their closet. What about Indonesian women?

Reflecting on women’s love for footwear, Viditi develops shoe models with various models. The Wilda by Viditi collection, for example, features comfortable leather in three color choices, namely black, white and cream. These classic colors are “armed” with heels as high as 4 cm with a foot size range of 35 to 40. The price is also very pocket-friendly. Still relying on leather, the Agatha collection carries the right as high as 7 cm. The color choice is the same as Wilda but added green.

Some women seem more confident in high heels. Viditi responded to this by releasing the Whitney series with 9 cm high heels in black, khaki, white and apricot. This series does not make a hole in the pocket. The owner of Viditi, Vincent, explained that the constantly updated collection and friendly prices were Viditi’s character from the start. Both never betray the quality of the product.

“Viditi from the start has highlighted the strong and easy-to-love character of Indonesian women. Through our diverse collections, we prove that good quality local brands that have been marketed internationally can be had at reasonable prices,” said Vincent in a press release we received this week. To make it easier for fashion lovers to meet Viditi, Vincent said that his party had collaborated with Shopee. Now, shopping for shoes is as easy as touching a phone screen. The variety of Viditi models was warmly welcomed by consumers.

On November 12, 2021, Viditi uploaded a photo of a collection of glossy shoes with a seductive text status, “Be careful, these heels can make you fall in love. What color did you fall in love with?” Auto netizens fell in love with these shoes. “Obviously it makes me fall in love, I don’t need to ask, all the colors are pretty, fix it,” said @rakhelluckyana. “Mashaallah really fall in love,” said @nurull_huda. How about you?


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