Vanessa Angel’s driver, Tubagus Jody says he was shaken after a fatal accident

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NBCNEWS, Bogor —

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After the deadly accident that killed Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah, the name Tubagus Joddy, driver Vanessa Angel, suddenly became the center of attention due to his negligence in driving which caused an accident. Joddy said he was shaken and shocked after the fatal accident.

Not a few also cornered him and said that Joddy had deliberately harmed Vanessa and Bibi. Moreover, the fact revealed that Joddy was driving a car at high speed and recklessly even while playing with his cellphone.

Tubagus Joddy’s father, Tubagus Endang, said that it was sad that his son always received scornful comments, even though in fact Joddy was very sorry for what had happened and had absolutely no intention of harming Vanessa and Bibi.

“Sad, because I know what Joddy is like. Every parent would say their child is good. But we educated him well, until yesterday’s case happened,” said Endang when met in Bogor, West Java, Monday (15/11/2021).

Endang revealed that after the fatal accident, his son Joddy’s mental condition was shaken and shocked even though there were no serious injuries on his body. Joddy realized and regretted his actions that caused the tragedy of the deadly accident.

“He’s sorry and still can’t believe it. He even said to his mother, ‘Why isn’t Joddy okay? Why did Sis Vaness and Mas Bibi die?’” Endang added.


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