Used to be insulted and had no future, now successful as a policeman and good at reading the Koran | NBCNEWS

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Insulted has no future

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Ageng said that in the past many doubted his future. Because, since childhood, he has been studying in a boarding school.

“What have you been doing since you were a child at the Islamic boarding school, you’re not bored? You’ll just be a Koran teacher later. You don’t have a definite future,” he wrote remembering the various insults he received.

However, now he managed to prove his success. Ageng apparently has become a police officer with the rank of Police Brigadier Two (Bripda). Not only that, Ageng is also widely admired for his ability to recite the Koran.

He also showed a moment when he was reading the Koran with other police officers. “Whatever you want to be, the important thing is to recite the Koran, someone who is good at reciting the Koran will not be difficult. YPRU Guyangan, Trangkil, Pati 15/16,” he wrote in the caption of the post.

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