The Scream of the Heart of a Young Widow Who Was Forced to ‘Sell Herself’ for the sake of Supporting Children.. Her life is a mess due to the act of the actor

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Vera (let’s say her name), a young widow 26 years old from Ciamis willing to become commercial sex workers (P5K) in area Pangandaran.

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This woman with one child is willing to live her life as a P5K, none other than for financial reasons to make ends meet.

As a ‘night butterfly’, Vera works and earns money in a dimly lit shop in Pangandaran Regency.

“If you don’t work like this, what do you want to do? If you work at a counter (toll phone kiosk and buy and sell cellphones) or a restaurant, how much do you earn? Is it enough for me, my child, and my mother?” Vera said when met at her workplace, Saturday (11/13/2021) night.

Opening up her living expenses, Vera said that her 5-year-old child per day only needs around Rp. 50 thousand.

Moreover, according to Vera, the child really likes snacks and rarely eats staple foods.

“My son doesn’t like to eat rice or instant noodles. He eats it, snacks from the stall, nothing else, it’s better if his ex-husband remembers his son. This, is boro-boro,” he said.

The status of the backbone in the family is also borne.

Since the father is gone, practically the one who works as the family machine is him.

“Then parents, only my mother, father has died. That’s why I look for money like this (prostitute and serving guests), yes, it’s better than at the counter,” he said.

Vera herself admits that she entered the nightlife since late 2011, before marrying a man from Kalimantan.

Previously, he had tried several times to build a harmonious household, but it was always destroyed by the act of actors.

“I married a Kalimantan man around 2014, and soon divorced. But I already have a child, who is now 5 years old,” he said.

“In the past, I divorced because my ex-husband cheated on me, so I returned to the village (Ciamis) again,” said Vera.

Not wanting to add to the burden on his parents, then he took it out on negative actions for himself.

Since work, if the results are sufficient, every three or four days, Vera will come home to see the child who lives with her mother.

Yes, like making pictures on the body (tattoos) and drinking (alcohol). In fact, I used to work at a club in Surabaya. If you’re here (where you work), it’s better if you don’t drink often,” he said.

“Yes, if you don’t get money, it’s better not to go home. For example here (where you work), if you don’t get (money), you don’t go home,” he said.

Actually, if I’m being honest, Vera no longer wants to live in the nightlife and become prostitute.

But what he said, the demands for survival and other socio-economic conditions made him unable to do much.

“Yes, actually I’m tired. I want to live a normal life, have a husband, then if I have capital I want to trade, especially I want to always be close to my children and mother,” he said.

“Because I feel sorry for my son. Sometimes when I am asked where the family works? The answer is confused, they (the children) know they are guarding the coffee shop,” he said sadly, while his eyes filled with tears.


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